An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1752.46 (38th)
35,577 (3,227th)
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Title Δ
STDOUT and STDERR out of order -1.38
Why do @+ and @{^CAPTURE} differ in length? +1.39
How can I keep my environment variables between two calls to open? +0.75
Sort comma-delimited file by three columns with custom criteria in... 0.00
perl strftime localtime minus 12 hours +1.13
Perl Parsing Without Package +0.41
grep for a specific file with specific string in all sub-directorie... -1.55
Use Bash Perl to fetch substring off of command output +1.25
Perl search and replace until positive lookahead over several lines... +1.32
parse URL params in Perl 0.00
Matching consecutive characters from a string using regex +1.45
Why doesn't this deref of a reference work as a one-liner? +0.88
How would I match variable multiline perl regex with distinct rules +0.19
I don't know why opendir argument is illegal +0.15
How to create globally available functions in Perl? +0.07
Does opening a pipeline in Perl involve a shell? 0.00
How can I set a default file handle in a perl subroutine signature? +1.07
Split file by equal parts based on count -0.00
Using Regex to match pattern and store into array +0.72
Perl Split Long Substitution Regex Over Multiple Lines +1.16
perl substitute string characters using a hash and tr -0.76
auto-generating substitution in perl 0.00
Perl interface with Aspell +0.25
Use bigint and float perl +1.44
sort hash of array by value 0.00
Perl glob, qq(), and brackets [] 0.00
Replace many patterns in many files efficiently in Perl 0.00
Perl: Is it possible to undo a SIG{INT} catch? 0.00
Perl: `die` did not work upon opening a nonexistent gz file using g... -2.82
Perl match with regex a number and as many following characters as... -2.88
Sort multidimensional hash by values and print the highest +0.95
Sort nested hash with multiple conditions +0.46
Opening a directory and searching for a pattern in files 0.00
find nearest key match with input value greater or equal to key and... +0.78
Perl Regex regular expression to split // +0.75
How to provide more context for die-handler? 0.00
Does Perl's Glob have a limitation? +1.32
Generate word from list of characters -0.88
Eliminate the UserName from the "use" command +1.09
Generate all combinations from list of characters 0.00
Grep and Replace a string in a particular pattern +0.23
Is there a way to re-use text in perlpod documentation? -2.82
$ENV{$variable} in perl 0.00
How to use Regular expression in perl if both regular expression an... +1.60
How do I set a node's attribute with Mojo::DOM? 0.00
skipping first x and last y lines of file +0.24
How to turn tabs into blockquotes using perl regex +0.76
Loading modules upon config variables on a Perl Catalyst application 0.00
Perl code to return the source folder does not work 0.00
How to get random number in forked processes? 0.00