An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1786.72 (12th)
491 (144,505th)
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Title Δ
Check if each value in a dataframe column contains words from anoth... -0.94
Pairwise Euclidean distance with pandas ignoring NaNs +0.16
Update values in a column with another only if they are blank, empt... 0.00
Pandas: Cannot import rolling_mean 0.00
Mask values that occur less than K times in a pandas column (case i... +1.06
Python - 'TypeError: '<=' not supported between inst... +0.16
How to check if first word of a DataFrame string column is present... +0.16
Rolling Conditional Pandas DataFrame Column +0.16
pandas - get value based on another value in different data frame 0.00
Slicing data frame equally and store as different name 0.00
Make array repeat when got IndexError +0.15
GroupBy and aggregate function in Pandas 0.00
Most efficient way to return Column name in a pandas df 0.00
aggregate function in groupby - default option? 0.00
Unable to capture desired groups and kick out the rest +0.65
Parsing string to datetime while accounting for AM/PM in pandas 0.00
Retrieving the index of NaN in a list 0.00
Map, Filter and Reduce procedures in Python 0.00
How to compute the average of n rows and paste the answer to next n... +1.21
Matplotlib scatter plot gives ValueError(msg.format(c.shape, x.size... 0.00
mapping a 2d delay vector from a 1d vector in numpy -1.55
Merge pandas df with how=inner and non-unique items 0.00
How to multiply k 2x2 Matrices by k 2x2 matrices in tensorflow? -0.34
Is it possible to have optional keys in a dict literal? +0.03
Inserting dictionary values in pandas column 0.00
Reducing compute time for Anagram word search -0.29
Numpy: Adding specific columns of rows conditionally 0.00
Error in using operators in function arguments (isinstance) in Python -2.66
Error in pandas.to_datetime(String) 0.00
Pandas - Conditional Calculation using Iteration +1.16
pandas data frame export to pipe delimited file double quotes issue +0.91
Select 1 True, 1 False per group in a pandas DataFrame +0.17
Pandas Series.rename not reflected in DataFrame columns +0.16
remove entries with nan values in python dictionary +0.16
Syntax to select previous row in pandas after filtering +1.03
Cumulative count between two columns in a pandas df +0.45
How to apply pandas.DataFrame.dropna on a subset of columns with in... +0.18
Multi-column label-encoding: Print mappings -0.83
Filter a pandas DataFrame based on a boolean series with Date index? 0.00
Recursive function failing while inorder traverse in tree ds +0.16
Extract single value by indexing a pandas DataFrame +0.91
Use cumcount on pandas dataframe with a conditional increment +1.55
What is the difference between `assert_frame_equal` and `equals` 0.00
Finding roots of a polynomial using numpy 0.00
Marking the entire group if condition is true for a single row -2.48
Return running count of values in a pandas df 0.00
Cyclically reduce a list of operands to a single result -2.19
Pandas: move row (index and values) from last to first +1.19
What is the smartest way to get the rest of a pandas.DataFrame? -0.97
Pandas method to apply a function on the entire DataFrame 0.00