An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1784.81 (12th)
165,658 (352nd)
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Title Δ
Efficient way to create a new column that is the sum of unique valu... 0.00
How to convert numeric strings such as 200.13K and 1.2M to integer... 0.00
Convert non-zero column names to rows in Python -0.20
Get today's date in Pandas 0.00
Return groupby results where the index has more than one row in pan... 0.00
How to add dataframe column data to a range of indexes in another d... +0.39
How to merge each row of dataframe into a list in python 0.00
pandas Series.from_records? 0.00
Converting pyspark DataFrame with date column to Pandas results in... 0.00
Exclude rows from pandas DataFrame based on rounding condition +0.14
Treat two different sets of columns as a single index and column wh... -0.91
Missing columns when trying to groupby aggregate multiple rows in p... 0.00
Count of all possible combinations between dataframe columns +0.44
Calculate the percentage change between two specific rows with pandas 0.00
Filling a dataframe based on the column name and index value of ano... +0.28
Python dataframe matching strings in a list 0.00
pandas groupby rolling mean/median with dropping missing values 0.00
Drop empty columns from specific set of filtered columns from panda... -3.00
Pandas calculate difference on two DataFrames with column and multi... +0.93
Convert pandas column to datetime with unusual max value 0.00
Fill NaNs in pandas columns using dictionary 0.00
How would you convert a one column series to a one row series with... -1.25
concatenating two columns and get the new column +0.64
Manipulating elements in a dictionary of dataframes 0.00
remove duplicate word from pandas column +0.82
Call the `dt.` type from a Python Function +0.66
Enumerate columns with same prefix +0.88
Slicing Dataframe column based on length of strings +0.55
Find columns where at least one row contains an alphabetical letter +1.31
Want to compare string in two columns and bring equal values in sam... 0.00
Why does not work properly 'na_values' in Pandas? 0.00
Using GroupBy to add new columns to data frame 0.00
Pandas - Check if column of strings in column of lists row wise +0.89
Pandas GroupBy.agg() throws TypeError: aggregate() missing 1 requir... 0.00
How to document a 'whatsnew`-rst bugfix before I submit a panda... 0.00
Updating dictionary key/value pairs as dataframe changes +1.15
Algorithm to reverse strings without using python built-in methods +0.14
How to add new column based on a match condition on two pandas Data... 0.00
Finding minimum value in list of lists +0.42
How does Pandas determine if something is a "scalar"? 0.00
How to convert a string of hours and minutes to minutes in python? -0.05
Select part of Dataframe to obtain a view, not a copy 0.00
Is it possible to flip a string in Python "around" a char... +0.17
replace function in python give wrong result +0.54
Wide to long dataset using pandas +0.16
is it possible to decrease the string character after replace a str... +0.65
Pandas column selection with many conditions becomes unwieldy -0.84
pandas GroupBy and cumulative mean of previous rows in group 0.00
Calculate days difference based on condition with pandas 0.00
How to collect tensor elements by a given segment? 0.00