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1795.54 (10th)
491 (144,791st)
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Title Δ
Use source path from a list to aggregate costs from a dataframe -0.04
Set default value for dict from json.loads +0.63
Frequency counts for a pandas column of lists -1.00
Pandas split column and aggreate result with duplicates in index +1.15
Pandas GroupBy and Mean over Date Range 0.00
How to create a numpy array of zeros of a list's length? +0.35
why pandas raise "KeyError: True" while "df.Apples==... 0.00
how to replace a string with a value in pandas? -2.05
Python sum list of dicts by key with nested dicts -1.26
Increasing count where a condition is met within pandas GroupBy 0.00
Find where column matches more than one in another column 0.00
Subtract 1.00 from all pandas data-frames. Getting large negative v... 0.00
How to perform weighted average every 2 rows in Pandas? +1.14
Check whether column values are within range +0.15
What is numpy.mgrid, technically? 0.00
Merging pandas DataFrames without changing the original column names +1.07
How to denormalize YAML for Pandas Dataframe? 0.00
Create MultiIndex pandas DataFrame from dictionary with tuple keys -1.46
Get first column value in Pandas DataFrame where row matches condit... -0.93
pandas GroupBy plotting each group 0.00
How to form list of tuples from a Dataframe column 0.00
Group and aggregate a list of dictionaries by multiple keys +0.62
Fill missing values based on other entries in the DataFrame +0.72
How do I create a comprehension that sorts by the number of values... +0.45
Exclude certain values when checking for a condition with pandas +0.59
Reshape DataFrame by pivoting multiple columns +1.12
Get largest difference within a group 0.00
Arrange DataFrame columns by column header 0.00
Pandas json_normalize does not flatten all nested fields 0.00
Cross tabulation between two sets of columns in a DataFrame 0.00
Efficiently merging a large number of pyspark DataFrames 0.00
How to keep only specific rows from a dataframe in Python? +0.15
Convert column of lists to 2D numpy array +0.74
Bin column by time intervals and calculate the sum +1.04
Unravelling a DataFrame 0.00
Difference between pandas Series category data type vs pandas Categ... 0.00
Naturally sort pandas DataFrame by index +1.14
Select rows in pandas dataframe if all the columns contain certain... 0.00
Can I perform dynamic cumsum of rows in pandas? +0.61
Count maximum number of consecutive 1s per group 0.00
Is there a way to alter values in a column of a dataframe that is i... 0.00
Map boolean values to strings +0.74
GroupBy columns on column header prefix +1.16
Convert nested JSON to pandas DataFrame 0.00
Pandas group by time with specified start time with non integer min... 0.00
Count number of duplicates within each group 0.00
Count rows with 1 or more NaNs 0.00
What's the difference between using pd.Index vs explicit lists... 0.00
Getting the first element from each list in a column of lists 0.00
Different groupers for each column with pandas GroupBy +0.36