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Ivan Stoev

1762.07 (26th)
120,203 (571st)
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Title Δ
Casting generic type to build a valid Linq expression 0.00
Part of LINQ query to seperate method (EF Core) +0.18
EF6 mapping many-to-many using same column name 0.00
EF Core: Fetching A List of Entities with Their Children 0.00
How to turn EF Core warnings about locally evaluated expressions to... 0.00
EF Core2.2: Scaffold-DbContext not working with named connection st... 0.00
LINQ Query Exception error Invalid column name 'courseId1'... 0.00
IMutableEntityType.GetProperties() doesn't include a property t... +0.18
Entity Framework Core - How can I extract details about the underly... 0.00
Entity framework - Conditionally query related entities with type c... 0.00
EF Core configuration problem with owned type used in 2 different c... 0.00
EF Core 2.1 evaluates locally when Sum complex and Grouping 0.00
EF Core is lazy loading when I try to eager load with .Include() +0.25
.NET Core EF, cleaning up SqlConnection.CreateCommand +0.18
EntityFrameworkCore PostgreSQL Left Join with where not working 0.00
conventions in creating relationships 0.00
How to change migration generator EF CORE 2.x? 0.00
How to define nested model relationship with ValueObjects 0.00
Dynamically get a DbSet 0.00
EF Core and MySql query is too slow 0.00
I need help solving why Entity Framework won't save if I add th... 0.00
C# EF Core QueryableExtensions.FirstOrDefaultAsync strange behaviour 0.00
If I ignore a dbset used for a procedure I cannot use EF Core to ge... 0.00
How to retrieve a database model for Entity Framework Core with Val... 0.00
EF Core - How can I retrieve associated entities of an aggregate ro... 0.00
Entity Framework grouped query translated into multiple SELECTs 0.00
Create DbQuery out of View table 0.00
Why Linq "where" expression after Select gets evaluated l... +0.17
Net Core: Generic Repository Primary Id Key Performance in Entity F... 0.00
System.Reflection.Emit: bind together a class and an interface +0.19
AutoMapper.ProjectTo with criteria query is being evaluated locally 0.00
Retrieve the value given to HasMaxValue at runtime 0.00
What is the difference between ForSqlServerHasIndex and HasIndex wh... 0.00
How to join a list of primitive data type with entity using LINQ in... 0.00 core, properties instead of fields 0.00
Turn property access Expression into a predicate Expression -0.22
Using EF Core to invoke stored procedure and closing connection +0.18
How does Entity Framework Core handle instances before context is s... 0.00
EF6 How do I retain a custom sql generator while disabling automati... 0.00
Reverting DB to the initial state before the first migration in .NE... 0.00
EF Core: Invalid column name 'companyId1' 0.00
Problem with owned types mapping in EF Core 3.0 0.00
EF Core - FirstOrDefaultAsync throws Null Reference Exception 0.00
Auto mapping (with AutoMapper) from DTO to an entity with many-to-m... 0.00
How to avoid multiple queries one complex objects in EF .net core 0.00
Force SUM method to return NULL when applicable in EF Core 0.00
How to properly control cascading deletion in EF Core using Fluent... 0.00
GroupJoin always evaluating locally 0.00
Do I still need an explicit middle entity for N-to-N in EF under .N... +0.18
EFCORE 2.2.6 Simple join throws Must be a reducible node 0.00