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Ivan Stoev

1745.00 (41st)
5,721 (14,777th)
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Title Δ
EF Core One to Many adding new object 0.00
Necessity of navigation properties in EF Core models +0.18
How to use foreign key as composite key in EF Core 2? 0.00
ValueGeneratedOnAdd has no effect +0.20
Cross including the same table relations in EF Code Throws an error... +0.20
Text query parsing in Sprache 0.00
Get List of Entity Models in DbContext Entity Framework Core 2.1 +0.16
Column does not allow DBNull.Value - No KeepNulls - Proper Column M... -1.64
'No generic method > 'OrderByDescending' on type ... 0.00
Fast way to get Expression method call target 0.00
Ef core: Sequence contains no element when doing MaxAsync -0.77
Null check on aggregate expression 0.00
How to return value in ExpressionTree 0.00
Building a parameterized EntityFramework Core Expression 0.00
EF Core not raising ValidationException +0.19
Entity Framework Dependency Injection 0.00
EFCore - How to exclude owned objects from automatic loading? 0.00
Entity Framework 6 expression modification 0.00
Specify EF Core column/field as read only +0.19
Is there a polymorphic 2D collection type that includes arrays in c#? +0.19
Querying many-To-many relationship with a list of parameters +0.58
How do I change the ILazyLoader implementation in Entity Framework... 0.00
I get a invalid column name exception while accessing a Entity field +0.19
Dynamic Expression not working on dynamic objects +0.20
Unable to cast the type 'System.Int32' to type 'System.... 0.00
How to create "inline if statement" with expressions in d... 0.00
The Include path expression must refer to a navigation property def... 0.00
Add-Migration with seeds throwing "no value provided" exc... 0.00
EF Core: Must be reducible node +0.18
Entity Framework performance issues adding child to list 0.00
Expression Tree in extension method will be evaluated locally 0.00
Extending EF Core 'where' clause with custom expression +0.19
Value Object as Invalid Object in core 2.1 0.00
Change multiple properties of an object in one command +0.38
C# Create a LambdaExpression that compares two member properties (f... +0.19
EF Core dynamic filter 0.00
.NET Core Entity Framework InvalidOperationException +0.47
Entity Framework inserting entity twice in two different contexts 0.00
How to properly use IPluralizer in IDesignTimeServices 0.00
EF core Linq groupby and having sum count - could not be translated... 0.00
How do you add the equivalent of the OwnedAttribute using FluentAPI? 0.00
Seeding the database with a many-to-many relationship using Entity... +0.92
Problem with EF-Core Code first throwing error because of backing f... 0.00
IlGenerator Emit +0.24
EF Core Group By with Deferred Execution and SQL side grouping 0.00
EF Core 2.0 One to one - what's the deal? -1.56
EF Core entity inheritance from different sources without discrimin... 0.00
Entity Framework Core Inheritance creating child tables 0.00
Is it possible to move fluent configuration of a hierarchy in a sep... 0.00
Can seeded data use the HiLo sequence? 0.00