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Ivan Stoev

1755.96 (30th)
111,860 (619th)
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Title Δ
ANY with ALL in Entity Framework evaluates locally 0.00
Linq GroupBy Clause not including items with zero count 0.00
EF core - parent.InverseParent returns null for some rows 0.00
.NET Core 3.0 ConsoleLoggerFactory for SQlLite 0.00
OData ASP.Net Core on GET with Id? 0.00
EFCache CachingProviderServices lacks static Instance property 0.00
Entity Framework Core 2.2 not reseting after tear down while unit t... 0.00
EFCore deleting referenced entities 0.00
C# - How to perform a SUM() / SUM() in Linq 0.00
Default constructor unnecessarily initializing dependency when not... 0.00
.Net Core Lazyloading issue when model built outside the context 0.00
Entity Framework Core setting owned entity null when added 0.00
Update an entity with additional clause 0.00
Dynamic query selection on a list contains list 0.00
Entity Framework Core: `SqlNullValueException: Data is Null.` How t... 0.00
Update destination property in Automapper 0.00
using Expression Tree with Where Any EntityCore 0.00
Entity Framework Core how do you pass a list of parameters when usi... 0.00
change entity framework core code first migration name format 0.00
Generic Repository in C# Using Entity Framework 0.00
Force inner join from EF Cores Include() on optional relationship 0.00
EF Core 2.2 scaffold existing database and lazyloading 0.00
EFCore Linq: Select only the records with the max value of a column 0.00
C# Conditionally disposing of Entity Framework DbContext only when... 0.00
How to fix FirstOrDefault returning Null in Linq 0.00
Problem with getting inserted Id from database 0.00
How to use AddDbContextPool if all configuration in OnConfiguring m... 0.00
Entity Framework Core's AddRangeAsync() doesn't work in a g... 0.00
How to translate this SQL query to a LINQ query in EF Core? 0.00
Argument types do not match Transforming anonymous Expression<Fu... 0.00
Convert Dictionary to ICollection in Entity Framework Core 0.00
How to create one to one foreign key using FluentMigrator 0.00
DateTime property error in LINQ where clause 0.00
EF Core getting inverse navigation property from metadata 0.00
Projecting an IEnumerable inside an Projected IQueryable making N R... 0.00
Entity Framework cannot bind value object in entity constructor 0.00
Variable 'x.Sub' of type 'SubType' referenced from... 0.00
EF Core FK Constraint on Alternate Key 0.00
Unable to create a constant value of type 'System.Tuple 0.00
LINQ .OrderBy creates nested casing 0.00
EF core navigation property not loading 0.00
Nested expression building with linq and Entity Framework 0.00
Build relational grouping expression tree c# 0.00
EF Core database update specify base version 0.00
How to Evaluate Func<T, bool> with use EF.Functions? 0.00
How to execute a raw union SQL query on several tables with Entity... 0.00
Setting an entity property DB properties to IsRequired() and defaul... 0.00
Can't create related entity in ASP.NET Core with EF Core 0.00
Trying to create a tree of nodes with LINQ to SQL produces NotSuppo... 0.00
Union can't be translated to SQL 0.00