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Rating Stats for

Ivan Stoev

1769.52 (21st)
120,203 (542nd)
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Title Δ
Filtering EfCore DbSet with expression causing exception 0.00
Left join not bringing all results when you also select a list of o... -2.19
Self referencing table with Entity Framework Core 5 +0.17
Entity Framework creates migration without any updates 0.00
How to define navigation for in-class encapsulated property? +0.17
Ef core 5 many to many filter 0.00
How can I effectively model Translatable Properties in EF Core? 0.00
EF Core 5.0 Adding many-to-many makes one-to-many unable to determine 0.00
ManyToMany Relation in EF Core fluent API 0.00
Is it possible to rewrite complex EF Core ".Include" call... +1.15
Reduce EF Core string discriminator column size to allow indexing 0.00
Store Jsonstring using Entity Framework Core ExecuteSqlRawAsync 0.00
C# - How to set builder.Property().HasComment dynamically in a mode... 0.00
EF Core > Delete entity (Soft Delete) > Entity State remains... 0.00
Extend configuration and operational data contexts of Identity Serv... 0.00
Automapper, map a property that is on the many to many table 0.00
How to define DbSet for auto generated many to many table in EF Cor... 0.00
Unknown column 'a.addresscod_address' in 'field list - C# +0.17
EF Core SQL Filter Translation 0.00
Entity Framework 6 FluentApi One-to-One Relationship configuration +0.20
How to load related objects after saving a junction table record by... 0.00
Entity Framework Core 5.0 Warning limiting operator ('Skip'... -0.78
EFCore5, using FromSqlRaw and [Owned] attribute 0.00
Immitating an ADO.NET design in Entity Framework Core 0.00
LINQ to select all orphaned children in a list -0.32
Inheriting properties from model - Navigation properties can only p... 0.00
How can I abort a running EF Core Query using GetAsyncEnumerator? 0.00
Composite foreign key as primary key 0.00
EF Core creating shadow properties despite FK being configured 0.00
LINQ-to-Objects - cannot group by Object 0.00
How to build expression tree from string values +0.17
How to perform a date range filter on string with LINQ Query +0.38
Specified LocalDB instance name is invalid: Able to create migratio... 0.00
Entity Framework Core Many to Many change navigation property names 0.00
EF Core 5 adds shadow alternate key to some entities but does not u... 0.00
Entity Framework: Get the DataType of Metadata IProperty +0.17
Traversing EF Model and getting the property names 0.00
Entity Framework Core: Get a List of All the Tables 0.00 core identity custom user data with a collection +0.89
Save Related Data (Many to Many) in EF Core 5 without getting the a... 0.00
Change name of generated Join table ( Many to Many ) - EF Core 5 +0.60
Unable to determine the relationship represented by navigation * of... 0.00
How to create virtual List to realize reference like one-to-many wi... +0.85
ASP.Net Core/EF Core: Stack overflow after add-migration with many-... 0.00
LINQ to Entities with left join 0.00
EF Core: Get Records Containing Duplicates By Property -0.82
EF Core saves null value of required property +0.60
Reusing ordering logic 0.00
Looking to pass entity as generic type and extract common functiona... +0.43
Is column a discriminator? 0.00