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Mark Byers

1767.81 (25th)
787,492 (19th)
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Title Δ
MYSQL: LEFT() not using any index +0.65
anyone tell me step by step flow of program,explain complete flow o... 0.00
File_size in Python 3 +0.18
How to call/run a method only one time in python -2.15
how do you do a mysql WHERE something = 'something' OR ... (PHP) +0.85
How to get the bit removed from the bitwise right shift in c# +0.97
NameError: name 'python' is not defined +0.48
python: in ""? -0.76
"php include" strange characters in the generator xml &qu... +0.17
Progressbar does not work while reading Stream 0.00
how to perform a count on a column where a value is X +0.35
Converting a positive whole number of length 12 to a unique alphanu... -1.07
Decision of Decimal or Float +0.16
Algorithm - How to implement coin change exercise using stack? 0.00
Unpacking an array into method arguments +0.18
Pandas sort by group aggregate and column -0.01
Regex 'or' operator avoid repetition +0.54
selection sort in python -2.11
RegEx for including alhpanumeric and special characters -0.69
Filter on concated column -0.51
c# regex.ismatch using a variable 0.00
Limit count in sql 0.00
In C: passing and printing variables arguments of a function +0.18
find in ArrayList<String> +0.48
Why doesn't Java forkbomb cause a StackOverflowError? +0.62
What is wrong in the below query? +0.14
efficiently checking that string consists of one character in Python -0.06
Should we pass argument to a method as a variable or as a new objec... +0.56
why it is necessary to have String args[] in main in java program +0.15
Split() string except for certain character combination 0.00
REGEX - Remove specified string +0.76
Python: Local variables mysteriously update Global variables -0.31
Java: Finding the largest chain in a Collatz sequence +0.20
(x, y) coordinates of points on a circle of radius 1.0. I need help... 0.00
Get one random record for each of 3 group +0.16
sql code error when put in the c# code -2.14
Regular Expression in Javascript to parse input onKeyDown +0.86
MySql don't create these table 0.00
Result from db, shall I sort them with AJ or MYSQL Query? 0.00
Is there a better permalink solution -0.60
SQL Query for getting total students who registered for more then 5... +0.18
When is ternary operator worse than simple if-else block? +0.54
Switch Statement Buggy? -1.21
why am I inserting multiple spaces into my list +0.42
Math I did the program but need to know a little more +0.17
Python - Different ways of printing? 0.00
Search strings using regular expression in Python -0.49
Accesing data from a List of objects results in property undefined +0.54
I need help writing a regular expression for detecting chords -0.08
Python simple print error 0.00