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Reed Copsey

1744.04 (48th)
507,779 (43rd)
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Title Δ
c# objects won't go under each other 0.00
Compare two IEnumerable<> Collection data 0.00
How do XamlReader.Read or XamlReader.Parse instantiate types in ord... 0.00
WPF splash screen UI not updating +0.18
Why doesn't Seq.groupBy work like I think it will with lists? (... 0.00
What is difference between lists, arrays, and tuples in F#? +0.19
Not using operator '?' properly? +1.04
Best way to detect mouse click after pressing a button in WPF 0.00
C#6's new Collection Initializer - Clarification? -0.05
Handeling errors in the TPL when I am adding threads to a collection -2.85
Why the generated IL code for a pointer and ref is same but signatu... +1.24
VB6 Application ODBC Error 0.00
Atomic operation involving separate processes 0.00
Calling a 3rd party async Task method synchronously +1.19
f# pattern match on c# classes +0.23
Bluring images in C# just as google plus does +0.18
Why C# won't allow field initializer with non-static fields? +0.90
How to determine if a value is copied or referenced? +0.78
reimplement a loop using Parallel.For 0.00
Self-updating WPF ProgressBar in c# 0.00
quickly reading text data into array 0.00
c# Directory.CreateDirectory( path ), Should I check if path exists... -1.51
C# not displaying proper number input? +0.46
Can await corrupt a value when called concurrently -0.12
Async Task .Net 4.5 -0.52
How to create a method that accepts 2 objects of the same Type, a p... +1.11
Aggregate, sum and product of tuples in List +0.90
while True vs while {condition} -0.47
Difference between "struct" and "value struct" 0.00
C# Task is not a Task +0.63
Difference in memcpy and strncpy for struct copying -1.31
Unable to combine two linq results in one var -1.35
Does Task.Run() require async/await? 0.00
How do write this if else statement? 0.00
TwoWay Collection Binding Sync/Lock 0.00
If I create a List of XElements out of an XDocument, is a new copy... +0.94
Why doesn't the C# ternary operator work with delegates? -2.26
Is it better to call async or synchronous versions of a method from... 0.00
Changing the text of a label at the start and after the code in C# +0.64
Why is my DateTime.Now.Millisecond value always "000"? +0.06
WPF Adding images to canvas without them being added as resources 0.00
How to have two XAML files with only one code behind file in WPF 0.00
Dirty hack: add property or field to base type in c#? +1.04
Using LINQ Datarow -> string instead of Datarow -> String[] -... 0.00
Foreach with continue -- unexpected behavior +0.72
Directory.GetFiles - Search pattern for file extensions +0.17
Random number issue with Next method (.NET Framework) +0.87
Efficient way to write a method for outputting time in a specific c... +0.60
How can I count the number of times a value reoccurs within the sam... +0.14
Why is IEnumerable<T> necessary when there is IEnumerator<... 0.00