An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1795.40 (11th)
150,803 (377th)
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Title Δ
Golang: Type aliasing Structures That Meet a Interface Requirement 0.00
Marshalling XML in GOlang: field is empty (APPEND doesn't work?) -3.29
Nested json unmarshaling with 2d slices into struct not working in... 0.00
fulfilling nested interfaces in golang 0.00
How to assign an int returned by a function to a variable? 0.00
Block Go routine in a shared library 0.00
map[T]struct{} and map[T]bool in golang +0.45
Python: TCP broken route is painfully slow to detect 0.00
How to decode a string containing backslash-encoded Unicode charact... 0.00
Does golang provide an easy way to output human readable protobuf -0.85
Go: Read method in http.Request -0.85
golang no such device in syscall.Mount 0.00
what `B5s` mean when print Duration in golang, using %v 0.00
Get pointer address from file -0.13
Time piped processes individually 0.00
range over an []interfaces{} and get the channel field of each type 0.00
Invalid character (0xe2) in mnemonic -2.44
Are signals generated by OS kernels or processes? 0.00
System-wide global variable / semaphore / mutex in C++/Linux? +0.39
How to bypass local DNS cache using socket api getaddrinfo? 0.00
How to know packet loss stats of specific TCP socket in Linux? 0.00
Can we use epoll() to poll on a descriptor which is using ioctl for... 0.00
Segmentation fault. Use of vectors cpp +0.60
Array of constant pointers to functions 0.00
awk | Extract Log on the basis of Time +0.15
Open system call is not working as expected 0.00
How to avoid dangerous vsprintf when you don't know the buffer... +0.63
Append to a filename basing upon a pattern 0.00
Probable reasons for Illegal seek in socket programming 0.00
Idomatic way to timeout TCP handshake in Go -3.23
Compiler: too many arguments given despite that all are given 0.00
Addition of two lists in C -0.35
how to initialize PCB in an operating system like Linux´╝č 0.00
how to activate the TCP Fast Open in linux -0.35
Synchronization with semaphores +0.26
In C, how to disable optimization in the makefile? 0.00
Search vector for a value and grab some other value of the same dat... -1.41
Accessing Struct members using memcpy in C 0.00
How to copy text including special characters to clipboard using C... 0.00
What does the following assignment of variable do +1.22
How to Search / Grep a specific word in a file? -0.36
how to get rid of this linking error? 0.00
How to label occurences of text (regex, sed, awk) (Linux) -1.40
How to declare multiple variables using a loop? 0.00
Linux TCP/IP Diagnosing Why TCP/IP read() Returns 0 in C Program 0.00
Golang - How to "convert" an array ( [ ] ) to a list ( ..... +0.79
Custom memcmp() of a struct with char member 0.00
How can I set the source IP address to 0.00
Cannot use "a" (type string) as type in array element in go -1.18
Bus error 10 on Mac while concatenating the set of chars 0.00