An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1795.40 (11th)
150,803 (377th)
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Title Δ
Definitive if check +0.41
What's the use of the following c.Args() > 0 0.00
Mmap and valgrind, mmap doesnt increase heap size 0.00
Is the memory address returned by malloc always interchangeable by... 0.00
File will not be completely read byte by byte 0.00
get the xlsx cell data using the the golang regexp? 0.00
What is the difference between "double a[]" and "dou... +0.52
how to use gdb debug golang code to see what's inside channel? 0.00
Function to test the type of the entered value 0.00
How to portably allocate space for a particular member of a union e... -2.93
How does scanf() reads when input is not in specified format? +0.71
Why epoll_wait() doesn't react on dup2(writable_fd, non_writabl... 0.00
C socket programming recv size 0.00
Const array with variables from another const array +0.65
Function that will find a prime number in an array of numbers -0.36
Dividing float by int and storing as float - Division by zero 0.00
How can I get information about type of a Go variable 0.00
Add double quotes in a string in C +0.15
Can i format dynamically created json into the required format for... 0.00
Implement "generic" node list 0.00
Efficient Way to get the number of File Handles Open By a Process i... 0.00
How to manipulate strings before hsearch 0.00
TCP: No RST Response from router after SYN/ACK 0.00
preferred include header for std::size_t 0.00
How to store value into some specific memory address using c progra... -0.36
find difference between times in c 0.00
Valgrind not showing line numbers in spite of -g flag and --track-o... 0.00
msgrcv - SA_RESTART flag doesn't work -3.24
Why do POST request in the Go http.Client not follow 301 redirects? 0.00
How to determine at runtime which version of libc-lock.h used: NPTL... 0.00
what is the difference between array[1][2] and array[1,2]? +0.47
Check wireless device is up 0.00
Get host IP in docker container 0.00
How to use int16_t or int32_t with functions like scanf 0.00
Memory usage of loaded shared objects -1.42
What does %[^\n] mean in a scanf() format string +0.86
Why isn't my loop reaching the end of the file? 0.00
Saving an anonymous function (lambda) as function-typed variable 0.00
how to merge two files in unix 0.00
How to get the available space in a linux directory without display... -1.38
From where does fork() execute inside a loop? +0.48
XOR in C++ with big number 0.00
What happen, when epoll file descriptor is closed? 0.00
How to get the string prepended with # and numbers? +0.13
stdio.h - whats the name of libfile and where can I find it Linux +0.13
How can I have tcpdump write to file and standard output the approp... +0.14
Giving command line arguments to executable being run with ltrace/s... 0.00
How does an ISP block IP Addresses? +0.14
Undefined reference to gets_s 0.00