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Nicol Bolas

1711.97 (91st)
136,079 (196th)
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Title Δ
How to create debugging markers in OpenGL? 0.00
When to use coroutines over iterators? 0.00
does signed integers now behave differently, with regards to left s... 0.00
Vulkan: Descriptor set compatibility 0.00
How to replace dynamic exception specifications: throw(...) 0.00
Which union member becomes active after placement new +0.98
In C++, is it defined behaviour to delete a primitive type such as... +1.27
Computation sequence of assignment, for a variable of fundamental t... 0.00
Why do we require requires requires? +1.33
How to write to the image directly by CPU when load it in Vulkan? +0.93
Vulkan: attachment synchronisation with implicit layout transitions +0.24
How to create one channel 32-bit float compressed texture in OpenGL 0.00
C++17 wstring to string - WINDOWS -0.29
OpenGL Buffer Usage for both reading and writing 0.00
What is the right way to record commands when using vulkan? 0.00
Problem with API returning invalid pointer 0.00
How do compilers of dynamically typed languages handle changes in n... 0.00
Implementing std::vector::push_back strong exception safety 0.00
Does wave / subgroup need synchronization for shared variables? +0.23
Why is std::filesystem::u8path deprecated in c++20? 0.00
Why does the 'f' suffix when defining floats sometimes caus... +1.46
vulkan - compute queuefamily - vkGetDeviceQueue - access violation 0.00
How can a conforming C++ implementation indicate that it doesn'... 0.00
How to an actual copy of a variable in Lua? +0.23
Using "string.byte" on a UTF-8 character returns an array... 0.00
New iterator requirements 0.00
How does libc++'s std::is_literal_type work? +0.29
Why can't I make a unique pointer to an array, when I can make... +0.26
Can std::iterator check, if the next element exist over that iterat... 0.00
noexcept visitation for std::variant 0.00
Shadow mapping for many light sources - is it slow? 0.00
How to compile generator and coroutine using c++2a on Mac 0.00
How to limit the frame rate in Vulkan 0.00
How to identify uninitialized variables in a Lua script, without ru... +0.94
Does it make sense to replace Interfaces/Pure Abstract Classes with... 0.00
How to define C functions with LuaJIT? -3.12
MSVC SAL vs. C++2a Contract 0.00
template parameter list for literal operator +1.02
In C++, do ref-qualifiers express a form of subtyping? +1.43
Difference in the end of lifetime rules? +1.24
OpenGL: mat4x4 multiplied with vec4 yields tvec<float> 0.00
Will any of the following texture lookups cause undefined behavior,... 0.00
Does OpenGL guarantee a rasterization order for GL_LINES or GL_LINE... 0.00
Is it really safe not to check in the copy assignemt operator wheth... 0.00
OpenGL compute shader mapping to nVidia warps +0.24
Can I use std::align to align memory to arbitrary values of 2? 0.00
OpenGL impostor-sphere : problem when calculating the depth value +0.24
Can I declare a type [[nodiscard]] with 'using'? 0.00
How can i pass the values from variadic arguments teamplate to a ra... 0.00
Is it possible to make a default-initialized class std::is_trivial... 0.00