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Nicol Bolas

1699.72 (132nd)
289,358 (110th)
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Title Δ
How to store unrestricted depth range in Vulkan depth buffer 0.00
Is std::initializer_list{x, y, z} (CTAD) valid? 0.00
What are the Value Category Properties of Member Functions in C++11? +0.22
Is there a way to determine the graphics memory footprint of an Ope... 0.00
Is it portable using glClearBufferData for composite data types? 0.00
Does the module standard for C++ solve the problem of hiding privat... +0.22
std::is_constructible immediate context and friend declarations -1.75
Omit angle brackets when template has default parameters +1.42
How to only read R and G components from the fragment shader output? 0.00
Why are the template parameters required when defining member funct... -2.90
Is it possible to create a texture only in Fragment shader? 0.00
Correspondance between texture units and sampler uniforms in opengl +1.39
Can I carry out MSAA for deferred rendering by just rendering the g... 0.00
How to do automatic OpenGL error checking using GLEW? +0.24
Why pass by reference in c++ is denoted by functionName( dataType&a... 0.00
Memory data flow for uniform variables? 0.00
How to get from glGetAttribLocation to glGetActiveAttrib index? 0.00
What is the difference between these two versions of code? -1.83
read-only storage buffer in OpenGL ES and Spir-V 0.00
scale factors of GL_SRC_ALPHA in glBlendFunc 0.00
How to fill std::array with range from range-v3? -0.92
The best way to add a new 3D object at runtime 0.00
Multiple VkDescriptorSetLayout for the same VkPipeline? 0.00
Overhead of glDrawArrays vs. glMultiDrawArrays 0.00
Is there an equivalent for the "goto" loop in C# in lua?... 0.00
Does VkDescriptorBufferInfo 'range' field need to be a mult... 0.00
Complexity OpenGL and Vulkan +0.21
What is the syntax for 'pixel_interlock_ordered' in GLSL? 0.00
Allocator propagation policies in your new modern C++ containers -1.06
how to obtain a C array from an std::vector<std::reference_wrapp... +0.24
Make Lua table nil via a function 0.00
Does it make sense to "preload" data to a shared storage... 0.00
A rarely mentioned Vulkan function "vkCmdUpdateBuffer()",... 0.00
Synchronizing vertex buffer in vulkan? 0.00
Zero-cost properties with data member syntax -2.77
What exactly constitutes the "name" of an object for the... 0.00
Forwarding to an Aggregate Initializer? +0.25
How can I determine the length of data in bytes for the call to glT... 0.00
uninitialized_X functions that use the allocator constructor? 0.00
Is std::regex safe for user-defined expressions? -2.76
Using std::filesystem::path to convert between separator types -2.66
Copy Construction in Initializer Lists -1.87
std::filesystem "root_name" definition broken on windows +1.13
Blitting several textures at once with glBlitFramebuffer 0.00
How does operator== work outside of a class in C++ 0.00
How does c++ compose atomic operations? +1.35
Properly casting signed to unsigned +0.79
How to set uniform values in an array of structs? 0.00
C++ access private member from C style function pointer initialized... 0.00
Why does INVOKE always dereference data members instead of calling... 0.00