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Nicol Bolas

1712.96 (94th)
306,693 (110th)
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Title Δ
Swizzle and render target in Vulkan 0.00
Can I make a GLSL struct have std140 layout? 0.00
glMultiDrawArraysIndirect and trying to find which draw call it is 0.00
Programmatically differentiate between PODs and user types +1.41
When do GLSL interface block layouts agree with C/C++ structures? 0.00
glMultiDrawElements and glDrawElements equivalences 0.00
Lua how to print methods from a object? -0.77
gl_PointSize requires extension when shader version changed 0.00
Why does assigning a table as a value to another table cause proble... +0.24
Using spirv with OpenGL, gl_VertexIndex is always 0 0.00
Does Lua has something like variable?.function() as in Swift or C#? -2.57
Accessing value of string literal through `const char *` glvalue in... 0.00
How to pass raw string literals to [[deprecated(message)]] attribute? 0.00
vkCreateDebugReportCallbackEXT vs vkCreateDebugUtilsMessengerEXT 0.00
Explicitly defaulted move constructor makes the struct not triviall... 0.00
Difference between "codecvt_utf8_utf16" and "codecvt... 0.00
Is it legal to use an image both as an input attachment and a color... 0.00
Are image units supported in WebGl +1.26
Open_gl 1 color shaders 0.00
Can you pop_back a vector and still use the iterator to the last el... 0.00
Is it valid to cast integer to GLvoid* in C++20 using bit_cast? -1.10
Can I set VAO before VBO in OpenGL? 0.00
GLSL array of struct members locations -1.03
Using multiple descriptor sets without explicit "set" sto... 0.00
Virtual constexpr covariant return types 0.00
Is it possible to deserialize (from raw memory block) an object wit... +0.11
Why does std::when_any use std::tuple rather than std::vector as it... 0.00
Why does [[nodiscard]] only encourage compiler to issue a warning a... 0.00
Passing argument to lua function after evaluating function in string 0.00
Why doesn't love2d use my custom-defined pairs metamethod? 0.00
Vulkan Compute dispatch from a child CPU thread 0.00
Why is a placeholder return type not allowed for coroutines? 0.00
How to deal with Exceptions in C++ programming when there are a lot... 0.00
What are the use cases of sparsed VkDescriptorSetLayoutBinding? 0.00
How to set work group count appropriately in Vulkan 0.00
How to create a barrier between compute shader write and vertex att... 0.00
Is it possible in C++ to use the same code with and without compile... +0.60
Is the use of glDelete* necessary when using LWJGL 0.00
Shader design for multiple vertex types 0.00
OpenGL: How to draw multiple line strips in one call? 0.00
How to apply meta-tables on Lua functions in order to enable custom... +1.05
Vulkan - strange mapping of float shader color values to uchar valu... 0.00
c++ VS 2010 to VS 2019 upgrade. After upgrade need const after argu... 0.00
Why does aggregate initialization not work anymore since C++20 if a... -0.90
Is a std::string_view literal guaranteed to be null-terminated? 0.00
How does binary I/O of POD types not break the aliasing rules? +0.46
Is this a BUG about the <concept> lib in c++? 0.00
Lua (require) invoke an not intended print of required file name +0.27
How standard containers allocates memory for their nodes (internal... -1.13
Throw runtime error in GLSL when assertion fails for debugging +0.23