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Nicol Bolas

1721.82 (79th)
306,693 (103rd)
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Title Δ
Multiple attachment layout transitions via VkSubpassDependency 0.00
Templated Virtual Function Alternatives 0.00
C++ concept isn't easy to use? 0.00
template<class T, int N> void h(T const(&)[N]); as friend... 0.00
How to dynamically bind an array of multiple texture coordinates se... 0.00
Was there any version of C++ (even pre-standard) were `throw()` did... 0.00
issue with glDebugMessageCallback on Windows 10 using freeglut 0.00
Is there any trick to avoid the `typename` keyword inside a templat... 0.00
Why was the old empty throw specification rewritten with a new synt... 0.00
Definition of an "expression" in the C and C++ standards 0.00
What OpenGL version to use in LWJGL? 0.00
vkCmdPipelineBarrier clarification on renderpass synchronization sc... 0.00
How to create one object with two or more constructor initializatio... 0.00
How to guarantee that iostream wasn't included? 0.00
Why do we need texture filtering in OpenGL? 0.00
How to flip data from frame buffer 0.00
How to access the texture of the default framebuffer 0.00
Set line width in OpenGL 3 / GLSL 130 0.00
Disallow the use of auto for a given class, C++14 vs. C++17 update 0.00
You must use infinite loops to efficiently reuse coroutine handles? 0.00
Check at compile-time if an uninstantiated class template inherits... +0.97
Is compiler allowed to call an immediate (consteval) function durin... -1.78
OpenGL equivalent of vulkan's VK_KHR_display 0.00
Class type undefined in static member lambda function in C++17 +2.16
std::scoped_lock or std::unique_lock or std::lock_guard? 0.00
Is it legal to bind gl_InstanceID as uniform location? 0.00
How to bind 'this' using templates instead of macros? +0.94
How to reuse vertices across primitives in OpenGL 0.00
Intentionally leak the memory of a std::vector +0.72
GL_INVALID_VALUE error generated. Invalid texture dimensions. on Cu... 0.00
Global translucency sorting with instanced rendering +1.23
Making GL textures uploading async and figuring out when it's d... 0.00
What does it mean to obtain storage? +1.42
How to get a GPU input to use in shader as a variable in Vulkan API? 0.00
How to sort a table by its values in Lua? -1.87
Prune Primitives using Geometry Shaders in OpenGL 0.00
Is it possible to complete remove keyword template in C++ 20 for co... +0.22
Vulkan can you do nested render passes? 0.00
Can you make your own rendering pipeline? +0.24
why std::string_view is not trivial? 0.00
Opengl double overflow 0.00
Is there any use-case for glMapNamedBuffer instead of glGetNamedBuf... 0.00
Is new(&*p) double; a no-op. Does therefore uninitialized_defau... 0.00
C++ rules about template equivalence/redefinition? +0.71
Do global constants still have to be initialized with constant expr... 0.00
Visual C: Namespace Scope Bug or Obscure Feature? +0.96
Why does std::memcpy (as an alternative to type-punning) not cause... +0.27
Using C++20 in 2019 0.00
Does C++ 17 have static reflection? +1.32
Branch on null vs null object performance +0.17