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Nicol Bolas

1697.53 (141st)
298,685 (110th)
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Is there any way to use complex/derived classes in GLSL? 0.00
Is there any way to use vulkan internal allocation callbacks withou... 0.00
Why is vector of unique_ptr the prefered way to store pointers? 0.00
Is it considered better practice to change an object with a member... 0.00
Set file creation time with standard library only 0.00
outputting char8_t const* to cout and wcout, one compiles one not 0.00
Why does enable_shared_from_this crash if inheritance is not public... 0.00
Can I use glUniform4fv to set an individual column of a shader matr... 0.00
Object access using reinterpret_cast for "struct {double, int}... 0.00
Why is the const overload of std::string::data still restricted in... 0.00
Vulkan - when do we need to use more than one logical device (when... 0.00
Must the entire class hierarchy be recompiled if a virtual or non-v... 0.00
how std::u8string will be different from std::string? 0.00
Why is extended alignment implementation defined in std::aligned_st... 0.00
Why forwarding return value is needed 0.00
Do the strict aliasing rules in C++20 allow `reinterpret_cast` betw... 0.00
Why the sentence "The expression can be used only as the left-... 0.00
In theory is it (perversely) legal to use only the accidental reuse... 0.00
When should I use VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED when creating subpasses? 0.00
Are explicit specializations templates? 0.00
How to find the most recent file in a directory using cpp filesystem 0.00
Why does std::array not have an operator T*? 0.00
Will full memory barriers around std::shared_ptr's use_count()... 0.00
Are there situations when self-assignment is useful? 0.00
Upload GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE to a GL_FLOAT texture 0.00
Could reinterpret_cast turn an invalid pointer value into a valid o... 0.00
Doesn't rvalue reference mix together type and category? 0.00
can you no longer assign require to a variable and reference the va... 0.00
Vulkan - How to know what is current image layout? 0.00
How the binary from the Pipeline Cache is generated? 0.00
Why is std::ssize being forced to a minimum size for its signed siz... 0.00
How to send non-normalized/unclamped values to GLSL shader using op... 0.00
What OpenGL functions modify vertex positions prior to the vertex s... 0.00
Why is it recommended not to allow querying the contract level for... 0.00
Should I reattach textures to framebuffer after resizing 0.00
Does feedback loop also apply to buffer access in OpenGL ES? 0.00
Storage Buffer - int array used with [y][x] is 3 time faster than u... 0.00
How do I restore/call an original function after it's redefined? 0.00
Do I need output gamma correction in a fragment shader? 0.00
How to write move constructor to handle uninitialized move? 0.00
Qt vs constexpr string literal 0.00
Does a fragment shader only run for visible fragments? 0.00
gl_SubgroupInvocationID numeration in multi-dimensional work-groups 0.00
How to construct a tuple of non-movable non-copyable objects? 0.00
unique_ptr read access violation when losing scope 0.00
Why does the C++ standard allow std::max_align_t and __STDCPP_DEFAU... 0.00
Opengl 4.0 Texture issue 0.00
Why some commands can be recorded only outside of a render pass? 0.00
What means third parameter in fstream open function 0.00