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Nicol Bolas

1697.53 (141st)
294,426 (110th)
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Title Δ
Is texture name unique in OpenGL? 0.00
Is there any way to get source code from imported LUA module? 0.00
Why is ranges::ostream_iterator default-constructible? 0.00
Why does glm::mat3 and glm::value_ptr creates a black hole through... 0.00
Do I understand GLSL's memoryBarrier correctly? 0.00
order independent transparency - memory barrier 0.00
Structure padding with union members of std::bitset 0.00
Python-like dynamic argument unpacking in C++? 0.00
lua 5.1 how to use loadstring to call a function that is not in glo... 0.00
Non blocking glReadPixels of depth values with PBO 0.00
How can I know that presentation is completed, since there is no se... 0.00
How to check for and handle precondition violations? 0.00
Testing against the C++20 contracts (assertions) 0.00
Can I put a R8G8B8A8 in a UBO, and use it as a vec4? 0.00
c++ auto for type and nontype templates 0.00
I need explanation about std140 uniform blocks offsets 0.00
c++ operator overloading += works but << doesn't work 0.00
What is shareable between OpenGL contexts and how to enable sharing 0.00
Why does std::vector allow the use of a throwable move constructor... 0.00
C++17 Purpose of std::from_chars and std::to_chars? 0.00
Encode axis aligned unit vector in a single float value 0.00
How can I use reflection (at runtime) in Lua? 0.00
Rewrite old OpenGL to OpenGL 4.5 with DSA? 0.00
Is there a way to construct a constexpr function to get bit represe... 0.00
Uniform explicit locations and binding point indexing 0.00
How can I get the number of samples each pixel owns inside a shader? 0.00
Is there a flaw in how clang implements char8_t or does some dark c... 0.00
how to use GL_RGB9_E5 format? 0.00
Why isn´t the for loop accessed in release mode, but in debug... 0.00
Why does casting unsigned char* to char* require reinterpret_cast? 0.00
Why is the following piece of Lua code, completely valid? 0.00
Is there a way to prevent the vtable from being emitted in c++? 0.00
Trying to CRTP. Why does this produce strange results? 0.00
How do I make user defined empty default constructor behave like co... 0.00
glInvalidateFramebuffer and data usability time 0.00
Is there an efficient way to exceed GL_MAX_VIEWPORTS? 0.00
Is there a way to retrieve in OpenGL all the generated names regard... 0.00
Resolution of function overloading about initializer_list 0.00
P0960, Is there any kind of mechanic to detect if there are narrowi... 0.00
Why union static members not stored as a union? 0.00
replace reinterpret_cast by unions in constexpr - good idea? 0.00
Why divide by 255 not faster 256 when converting OpenGL color gun u... 0.00
Does std::integral_constant<T, v>::value always have a defini... 0.00
Deriving the `VkMemoryRequirements` 0.00
Why Vulkan has a limit of memory allocations? 0.00
Does std::initializer_list have a copy constructor and is it ever u... 0.00
How to modify a metatable which was created by C API? 0.00
What does vk::DeviceQueueCreateFlags() actually do? 0.00
Referencing to the current unidentified function in Lua 0.00
Does an rvalue keep its "status" when a const reference p... -0.43