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Nicol Bolas

1747.08 (42nd)
338,317 (100th)
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Title Δ
Copy initialization with conversion operator 0.00
Can i change the value of std map without finding it first 0.00
Is it possible to send uniform data to a struct in GLSL with one fu... 0.00
webgl2.0 how I can get all uniforms except uniformBuffer item +1.07
In C macros, where does the function named defined() come from? 0.00
Is there a way to populate C++ initializer_list with a for loop (or... +1.15
How to Write a single byte to a file in C++, while keeping the rest... 0.00
C++ atomic variables cannot be assigned to each other: why? is it p... -0.49
Is std::bad_optional_access a small crime against exceptions? +0.06
Measure time until an std::future object becomes available -1.95
Rendering to a cube texture and then sampling it? 0.00
Copy elision for captured local variables in returned lambda 0.00
Is there an example implementation of std::allocator_traits using c... 0.00
Could have UTF-16 and UTF-32 been defined without endianness? 0.00
Cleanup of command buffers (and resources) after barrier-based sync... 0.00
is it legal for an auto variable in a function to represent a diffe... 0.00
Example for non-virtual multiple inheritance +1.04
Is this "elision failure" language-mandated? +0.50
Why can't there be reference pointers? +1.10
How to get a Value's Key using index 0.00
Keep the glMapBuffer pointer alive 0.00
Possible causes of glbadcontext 0.00
Is C++17 copy elision applied to placement new? 0.00
How to understand the prvalue within list-initialization of a refer... 0.00
Can I safely get a pointer to uninitialized std::optional content t... 0.00
lua string-indexed table and unpack 0.00
Is it undefined behavior to run a member function in a separate thr... +1.35
Taking into account that "If statement with initializer"... -0.42
What are the differences between Concepts and Contracts? 0.00
Read and write to a buffer in a fragment shader 0.00
Referring to uniforms without glGetUniformLocation 0.00
Not unmapping vulkan memory 0.00
Iterator category for circular buffer 0.00
Can there be different implicit objects based on a later runtime de... 0.00
Three-way comparison of pointer to functions fails 0.00
Documenting that my C++ type is memcopyable and noop destructible +0.20
How to define initializer list constructor without using std::initi... 0.00
Determining Max Size Of Variadic Template Class Instance in Compile... 0.00
Do modules finally allow readable names in the standard library imp... 0.00
Lambda lifetime explanation for C++20 coroutines 0.00
What does Jekyll actually do? 0.00
What is std::contiguous_iterator useful for? +0.96
How are you supposed to update a texture per frame in Vulkan? 0.00
Breaking change in C++20 or regression in clang-trunk/gcc-trunk whe... -0.78
How to work around C++ std::string_view out-of-scope problem? +0.79
Why can ranges not be used for the pipes library functionality? 0.00
What use has the layout specifier scalar in EXT_scalar_block_layout? 0.00
Templated requires-expression -0.89
Will C++20 standard include C18 standard -0.19
How to disable only one specific ID with glDebugMessageControl? 0.00