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Nicol Bolas

1747.08 (42nd)
338,317 (100th)
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Title Δ
Why the using of a noneffective concept regarded as ill-formed 0.00
Lua add a instance field to userdata with C++ 0.00
Accessing a Lua table within a table from C++ side 0.00
Dynamic arrays in C++ without Undefined Behavior -0.66
How can I create a tightly packed uniform buffer of unsigned bytes? 0.00
Can you calculate something per instance, not per vertex? +1.07
How to prevent bool to int conversion in constructor? +1.70
Forcing format_to_n to use terminating zero -1.90
Is this reinterpret_cast problematic in principle, and/or in practi... +0.55
Why does vkAcquireNextImageKHR() never block my thread? 0.00
Smart pointer with allocation on first access -0.31
GLSL: smooth double in -0.31
Combined image samplers vs seprate sampled image and sampler 0.00
Return an RAII object from a function +2.05
Why std::string methods working with std::string_view are required... +0.21
std::memory_order for std::atomic<T>::wait -0.64
Is there an easy way to test your code against standard's named... -0.48
Vulkan, why do validation layers (and by extension the spec) forbid... 0.00
is<thing> equivalents for char32_t -0.79
Is it possible to remove control flow statements with if constexpr? 0.00
What is the ordering of vertices being tessellated as quads? 0.00
Vulkan, single render pass, 2 shaders, different number of outputs 0.00
Why was Lua's newproxy deprecated and removed? -0.30
vs 2015 constexpr variable non constant but fine on vs 2019? 0.00
What exactly is represented by the template parameter passed to std... +1.08
Get number of fragments in each primitive 0.00
Copy Elision in visual 2019 0.00
inline meaning in module interfaces +2.13
Can glReadPixels be used to read layers from GL_TEXTURE_3D? +0.53
Multihreaded object loading while rendering with OpenGL 0.00
Is Byte Really The Minimum Addressable Unit? -1.39
C++ 2a - polymorphic range 0.00
Why can't the literal operator be templated normally? 0.00
Use depth texture in compute shader 0.00
Best way to hide constexpr calculations -2.65
How to decltype template method C++? +0.20
How to convert a std::vector of unique pointers to a std::span of r... 0.00
is there anyway I can get information about vkimage? 0.00
Why is it possible to assign a temporary value to a reference by pa... 0.00
Were the amount of the stack space, used in a recursion, zero if we... 0.00
Why cannot I use labmda as non-type template parameter? -0.30
Version Compatibility in GLSL -2.49
OpenGL: alpha-to-coverage cross-fade 0.00
Directly initializing non-copyable, non-movable members without usi... 0.00
Is it safe to modify RVO values within an RAII construct? -2.05
overriding virtual function return type differs and is not covarian... +0.20
Can the conditional operator ( ? : ) in C++ be compile time? +1.44
Rationale behind making std::function require copy constructor 0.00
Storing lambdas generically in a constexpr struct 0.00
C++20 Concepts : Which template specialization gets chosen when the... -0.54