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StoryTeller - Unslander Monica

1807.08 (7th)
118,523 (554th)
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Title Δ
storing struct in array (C++) +2.04
Trying to disable a function if any type of list is passed in -0.99
Recursive variadic template instation fails 0.00
C++ Copy pointer class 0.00
Class Design Problems (managing memory allocation & deallocation) +0.39
"Use of class template requires template argument list" a... 0.00
Vector of list in c++ for implementing adjacency lists +1.45
Why C++ 'Standard' won't support function definition in... +1.55
Passing structure members to a function 0.00
How do you pass an optional command line argument for C/C++? 0.00
Random output with char* operator +0.02
return type of void* in c++ 0.00
Why does my result data returned as void* gets broken? +1.04
class destructor segmentation fault +0.39
Template Specilization with multiple template parameters in one fun... 0.00
Precise lose happens when double minus int 0.00
I know this is basic +0.88
Strict aliasing rule violation +0.05
how to return an reference to an 'empty' object -1.05
Vector iteration with multiple conditions? +0.39
How to implement copy constructor for copy swap idiom -1.51
Const Conversion in std::pair -0.34
Reference to array in memory +0.46
C++ Get Virtual Function Table Index -1.31
Why does C++ support for a pure virtual function with an implementa... -0.44
Can a friend class object access base class private members on a de... +1.09
Why are function objects better than function pointers? 0.00
How to add use a pointer to member value as a template parameter by... -2.46
How to implement a menu using the composite pattern? 0.00
Error: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value - C... +1.59
SFINAE to make base template always result in error -0.87
CRTP: Call derived class templated method from base 0.00
Why is this for loop not correct? +2.70
Preprocessor swaps arguments -0.63
Passing an array of objects to Member Function in c++ 0.00
bitwise anding unsigned long with 0xffffffff +1.83
Wrap dynamic array with shared_ptr by make_shared +1.50
Explicit constructor taking multiple arguments +0.22
Does order of inheritance between class and interface matter? -0.15
Is `operator new` a part of C++ core language? -1.61
Defining conversion operator for specialized template class only -2.21
Why each string of a string array in C++ has the same size? +0.46
Const self-referential structures -0.17
Seemingly unable to pass class as constructor argument 0.00
How to initialize unique variables in base class (Inheritance) -2.18
Thread-safety of using unique_ptr inside lambda when creating new t... 0.00
The outputs of my program are confusing -0.11
How can I divide this ipv6 address use to sscanf in c? 0.00
Design pattern: C++ Abstraction Layer +0.80
unable to find reason for Segmentation fault 0.00