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StoryTeller - Unslander Monica

1790.35 (11th)
118,523 (554th)
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Title Δ
Why are function pointers useful? -1.14
Returning value (reference, pointer and object) -2.10
Single list printing error +0.77
Space used for all allocating the variable name -0.65
C Array Count (Beginner) +0.10
Why can't I iterate through list of lists this way? +0.23
C++ Constructor Initialization +0.38
How to catch all the exceptions but someone in python? -1.43
dealing with typedef and pointer +1.54
Understanding function pointers +0.63
error compile - in linked list in C 0.00
How to ensure two different vectors are shuffled in the same order... -0.50
New to data structures -0.82
Easy way to set multiple class attributes? -0.02
C String array's array -0.37
How to destroy a vector of pointers in c++? +1.01
Using not defined variable in function body -0.41
How to access variable across files in C? 0.00
Implementing multiple interfaces in c++ +0.74
sorting strings with bubble sort algorithm +1.65
void * usage for function formal arguments +0.69
C++ delete pointer array - double free or corruption +0.43
allocate a new memory for matrix -0.09
python regex: to match space character or end of string -0.33
A class with smart array objects -2.35
Structures as attributes +1.11
Switching between derived classes in C++ +0.02
Function that reverses any array - C +0.42
Class memeber name aliases in C++ +0.40
Weird prototyping error: Cpp's and Headers -1.16
C++: "unresolved overload function type" between classes -0.06
Function call with array index -1.17
pointers and values +1.16
Why does this enum not work? +1.43
C linking C++ static functions -0.28
C++: Is this the proper way to delete a linked list recursively? +0.41
Concatenating an integer to a string +0.63
(string)char typecast -0.20
How do I reverse regex substitution? +1.23
Flex Bison Calculator Not Printing Result 0.00
How to set value of alphabet letter? C++ +0.96
Performing an action as python script closes -0.09
can we use character value in priority queue? 0.00
vector out of range/ range check -1.05
Incorrect char from file +2.11
Confused about object and dereferenced pointer +1.51
C taking in arguments from Command prompt as conditions +0.83
C++ macros and namespaces +2.07
python concat before -0.47
Python: How to get attribute of attribute of an object with getattr? +0.54