An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1773.81 (16th)
118,523 (589th)
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Title Δ
confused with friend function -1.79
Implementing a C++ hashtable class using template +2.10
Subclass Overwrite c++ +0.71
How to get an item from a void pointer to array when I know each el... +0.50
When two-dimensional array and multidimensional array as function p... +3.52
Finding the maximum value in a stack by using another stack? +3.35
How to create tcsh aliases using python? +5.22
if (x==0||7||14||21||-7||-14) {y=THURSDAY;} -3.19
Python: How to check if a set of coordinates in an array exists wit... -4.57
Not able to call a function using function pointer 0.00
static const members of template classes 0.00
strtok not working as expected +3.91
std::map assignment +3.35
Why does my function only see some of my globals? 0.00
where are static buffers allocated? -0.68
Python print skip arguments 0.00
Generating a Random Hex Color in Python -4.06
Creating a char* from a char and an int -4.40
python: best way to improve a function with a error message +3.11
stopping `scanf` when user enters "." DOT +1.31
Retrieving values from a list of dictionaries +2.39
Python finding a value in a list of lists +5.15
C++ Explicit Constructor 0.00
how to remove first 4 characters from a char array +5.66
FILE* assignment does not work +5.27
In Python what is a global statement? -1.47
printf behaving weirdly -4.66
Regular Expression fails if newline is included +3.23
What <void(void)> means in template arguments +4.25
I have a long list of tuples that I need to sort eg. [('12/2010', 1... +0.42
Printing a int variable in C +1.98
extract from string in c using sscanf +1.95
Space complexity of bubble sort algorithm +4.40
mapping functions in dict +1.40
Take user input to navigate to a directory 0.00
for key in dictionary if key ==x: +4.71
zip lists in python -2.92
C - parsing text and calling functions +5.22
char[] and char* compatibility? +0.39
2-D Static and Dynamic Array Passing 0.00
Python; Saving a position in a list to compare it with another 0.00
Can a template function compare the two typenames? -2.21
Write unicode gif to file in python -0.22
how to write new columns on the side of old columns -0.24
initializer element is not constant -0.24
How to pass a 2D matrix to function -2.22
Python reduce explanation -0.32
C while loop calling ++ against itself when is a char +4.24
How to shorten this code without using bunch of if statements +3.95
One structure being stored within another -3.51