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StoryTeller - Unslander Monica

1807.08 (7th)
118,523 (554th)
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Title Δ
C++ error C2248: cannot access private member declared in SUPER class +0.14
template issue with class derived from const +0.62
Wrong detection in the same name functions +0.40
C++ code migration. Method implementation keeps saying missing type +0.40
For loop in C and how it works? -0.35
Changing existing array in a method, C++ style? 0.00
error: Invalid use of incomplete type 0.00
C++ Cast Template -1.19
Is there a way by which I can pass a variable list to a #define dir... -2.41
Protothread co-routine : send concatenated boolean to macro +1.73
passing name of member as template argument, referenced by pointer... 0.00
C++11 constructor delegation with aggregate initialization -1.22
Why segmentation fault is caused by class variables order? 0.00
Error when using a function as an argument of a function +0.94
Why do I need to member-initialize a non-static array member in a c... +1.57
How to use c++11/14 to simplify this implementation 0.00
Specialize a member function but not entire class -1.34
Saving text from text file as multiple variable types -0.43
Binary tree code error 0.00
How can I get one line and other lines in two parts in C? +0.40
Parametrized Operator Overloading -1.86
pointer to a pointer syntax differences between int *p and int **p... -0.24
Replace a specific dictionary entry +1.70
Is it possible to adapt a input parameter to take a pointer instead... -0.08
Use new() in C++ as constructor -1.21
Statically declared 2-D array C++ as data member of a class -0.63
error C2782: 'const _Ty &std::min(const _Ty &,const _Ty... +1.64
Best ways of retrieving strings based on parsed integer code? 0.00
Define a struct which is derived from true_type whenever a given SF... +2.09
CRTP compiling error +2.69
class without instance data, or namespace + globals in a sub-namesp... +0.35
C/C++ implicit void* cast with malloc +0.79
Finding an irregularly repeatable integer-pattern in an array in C... -1.46
Recursive type check using templates 0.00
Can I supply argument to delete[] like delete[3]? +0.97
Return inside loop for C++ breaks loop? +1.87
troubles with SFINAE +0.04
(char*)malloc(sizeof(char)) allocating more then one char? +1.89
Can you statically assert that object can be converted to a certain... 0.00
Converting a float with many decimal places to a float with one dec... +0.80
"Adapter" for member variables +0.81
Issues on using operator<< for templates in C++ for a newbie -1.38
How to correctly call default constructor inside another constructor -0.54
C program recursive function -0.10
C++: Forward declaration of class member (variable) +0.40
Calling a method return output into another method of the same clas... +0.67
How to define a macro to use with struct array C +1.27
Why do we need exactly the copy constructor and assigment operator... -0.06
How to increase pointer's pointer value in C++ +0.40
How to speed up API requests? -1.19