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1740.04 (50th)
442,831 (56th)
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Title Δ
How to wrap a raw pointer into a shared_ptr and prevent shared_ptr... 0.00
Use for applying weak_ptr to contents of unique_ptr -0.81
Move constructors and inheritance -0.80
C++ and MySQL - how to include variable in my query? -0.32
friend overloaded operator without namespace std 0.00
Why arrays in C++ didn't have member function size() until C++11? +0.67
operator delete standard behavior 0.00
Create new class instances from existing once? -1.15
Why can I std::move a stream rvalue ref into an lvalue ref? 0.00
changing/adding behavior of stl bitset<>::reference::operator... 0.00
boost::shared_polymorphic_downcast is gone in boost 1.53.0. What sh... 0.00
C++ search vector for MAX, and get same position form a second vector -1.42
C++: Inside a method can one create an uninitialised object from th... +0.02
g++ std::is_function implementation: what is _ArgTypes......? 0.00
How to check if two template parameters are exactly the same? -1.63
Cannot use .begin() or .end() on an array +0.39
Can an ANSI C compiler remove a delay loop? +0.21
How do I verify if runtime failure is due to too many threads spawn... +0.94
Lifetime extension and the conditional operator +1.22
Rvalue reference: Why aren't rvalues implicitly moved? +0.85
Integer casting bug? +0.39
My attempt to define a hash_map variable is not working for me in V... 0.00
C++ String Instantiation vs strncpy/memcopy 0.00
Array initialization using {0} fails except for first element in so... +1.16
Exception propagation and std::future 0.00
Is mutable functor still "valid" to be used 0.00
timeout in std::async -0.89
Underlying type of weak typed enum in C++11 0.00
Is it possible to hash pointers in portable C++03 code? +0.75
Using macros to generate a class at compile time 0.00
Always declare std::mutex as mutable in C++11? +1.00
How to guarantee order of argument evaluation when calling a functi... -2.71
Detecting even and odd C++ vector iterators -1.43
Simultaneously iterating over and modifying an unordered_set? +1.04
simulate compile time reflection in C++ 0.00
what to use in place of std::map::emplace? +0.64
Why are the 12 bits of uninitialized int variable always 0xff0? +0.74
Unary operations in C++ -2.17
why read a reference counter value as a reference-to-a-volatile-con... +1.26
Can we reliably pre-increment/decrement rvalues? +0.09
Layout for not-pod types (because have default constructor) 0.00
Static member in base class is null when assigned in derived class -0.63
How to print memory address of a defined constant in C++ -0.18
Token pasting and __LINE__ +1.29
Is it legal to take the address of a const lvalue reference? +0.20
Remove reference in decltype (return T instead of T& where T&am... 0.00
Using boost::ref to indicate intention in coding conventions +0.93
C++ pass by reference for large objects -0.39
Is there a way to reach to a certain byte via pointer in shared mem... +0.60
Why is this happening in C++? +0.51