An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1740.04 (50th)
442,831 (56th)
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Title Δ
#include inside an x-macro 0.00
Is there a fast C or C++ standard library function for double preci... -0.80
Self logical and? +0.00
sizeof(value) vs sizeof(type)? -1.34
Idiom for exception safety relating to constructor parameters -0.40
Design about returning reference to non exist data +0.86
Does deleting void pointer guarantee to delete right size? +0.76
c++11 enable_if error -1.77
Whitespace character after backslash in C and C++ +1.22
why is a derived class's virtual method called after upcasting? -0.30
c++11 capture-by-value lambda producing wrong value +0.20
Force property type to doxygen +0.06
Why overloading operator doesn't sets main object to value set -2.40
Custom bitarray [] and assignment operators 0.00
Why Are Traditional Aimbots not Packet Based 0.00
Difference between std::shared_ptr<Type> and Type^ -1.40
G++ and __attribute__((optimize)) not changing debugger behavior +0.92
It is possible to call a constructor explicitly after executing som... +0.67
Could a smart compiler do all the things std::move does without it... -3.13
Template member function (on type T) of non-template class T +1.20
How do I init socket in C++ without libraries +0.20
const_cast std::vector +0.84
Zero inner product when using std::inner_product +1.81
When not to use std::forward +0.21
What are the causes of these two errors: assignment operator not ge... 0.00
How do I make the optimizer to properly put variables into registers? +0.59
Refactoring leads to linker issue with duplicates 0.00
Why can't I return the first element of an array in a template? +0.45
How to move the later half of a vector into another vector? +0.78
What does this printf mean? +0.54
Using Type-Erasure to create runtime type_traits queries 0.00
Is it more efficient to preallocate a vector? -1.31
what is a 'valid' std::function? +0.95
Move semantics and const references 0.00
what is int(a)(1)? is this a valid c++ syntax? 0.00
Why compiler warns about implicit conversion in setprecision? 0.00
Why is a function with random monad taking an extra parameter? -2.93
C++11 variadic function type template parameters 0.00
Variables in scope during for loop iteration statement in C++ -0.98
Does the compiler optimize trivial getter methods into simple field... 0.00
Using operations like std::remove_pointer to build derivative types... 0.00
How to initialise a vector with a function independent of index? 0.00
Should std::reference_wrapper contain the default comparator "... 0.00
Ridiculously slow unique_ptr dtor call when debugger is attached (m... 0.00
Is passing an enum value to an int parameter non standard? +0.20
create a dynamic array while delaying object construction +0.17
Weird Error in WinMain() to main() Macro 0.00
shared_ptr null pointer and assignment +0.23
_BLOCK_TYPE_IS_VALID error on boost::scoped_array 0.00
warning C4189 in concurrent_vector.h +0.58