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Rating Stats for

Eric Lippert

1914.62 (1st)
367,481 (23rd)
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Title Δ
c# replace expression "except if" +0.08
I want to find the maximum frequency of a common digit in a consecu... +0.24
Reflection - casting object to interface<interface> +0.08
List<List<string>> unique permutations using LINQ +0.35
C# Random Floating Point Closed Interval +0.08
I am new to delegates and wonder how to break down the following code +0.08
DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) and if assignements 0.00
Ambiguous reference error? +0.39
Why a declaration doesn't give a CS0201 compiler error? 0.00
How can I simplify my nested for loops +0.27
Storing numbers between two numbers in an array +0.08
How does the switch statement execute? +0.37
Generic interface type inference weirdness in c# +0.29
Strange behavior of Equals method 0.00
Why is this Square Root approximation not working? +0.38
OOP: Having the "action" logic for an "entity"... 0.00
Passing Generic Type with Constraint as Type<Constraint> -1.64
C# How do I get collision recognized between two objects 0.00
LINQ OrderBy with IEnumerable<T> key 0.00
How to convert from Task<List<Derived>> to Task<List... +0.10
Why we need Reflection at all? +0.38
C# Generic Class Inheritance confusion 0.00
Invalid cast from IEnumerable to List +0.08
Why is there no compiler warning for LINQ queries that are not assi... +0.09
Time Complexity Issues When Searching For A Duplicate +0.42
Building a recursive hierarchy with LINQ +0.39
Should we always return by ref if we can? 0.00
Replacing for loop +0.52
create new object within C# Linq syntax on Select -0.55
IEnumerable extension methods (System.Linq) unavailable when inheri... +0.50
When exactly do nullable types throw exceptions? -1.05
C# Restarting a thread with a different parameter 0.00
Is this an efficient way to parse function parameters? 0.00
Converting any delegate to delegate with object[] parameter 0.00
Best performing algorithm for unique trip selection using arrays? +0.09
Possible unique combinations of 2 values 5 different ways +0.50
Why isn't there an implicit typeof? 0.00
Returning different type via generics in C# -1.69
Can I use the 'object' keyword to make a method more generic? +0.41
LINQ Flatten Circular Reference +0.08
Set a value or call a function on return 0.00
How to get whole number from decimal using Format String? +0.45
Call child method from parent c# +0.09
Subtracting int from double leads to an error +0.24
How to use class instance in if condition that ignore "!= null... +0.16
Does adding virtual to a C# method may break legacy clients? +0.49
How to change the values in two dimension array 0.00
How do I Stop my UI from freezing? +0.19
How could argument contravariance in Liskov principle work? +0.22
C# What does a lambda that points to a new anonymous type mean? +0.51