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Eric Lippert

1917.27 (1st)
544,117 (26th)
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Title Δ
Interface Cannot implicitly convert type 0.00
Is it possible to access properties of a subclass if the object'... +0.42
'Strongly Typed' Generic Collections that hold any <T>... +0.08
Async method blocking on unawaited task +0.03
How to generate a sequence of numbers while respecting some constra... +0.08
Null-coalescing out parameter gives unexpected warning +0.60
How to safely work around BeforeFieldInit and static constructor cy... 0.00
How do I convert nested ternary operator to nested if-else statemen... 0.00
Find Index from C# List<List<string>> +0.26
Optional Arguments in an Expression Tree 0.00
Why would you write an extension method for a class instead of chan... +0.36
Big O notation of a constant larger than 1 0.00
Assignment in lambda expression +0.29
Type system oddity: Enumerable.Cast<int>() -1.41
How to ask for user input a limited number of times in C# 0.00
Weird example of variance rules for delegates 0.00
Why wasn't TEventArgs made contravariant in the standard event... 0.00
Why is typeA == typeB slower than typeA == typeof(TypeB)? +0.08
Resolving error with operands of type object and int +0.08
Custom Class as return in Iterator +0.43
C# Can't access class instance from different method than it wa... -0.80
Search a hierarchy of class and return the path to get there +0.19
Why can I still access form property after form is closed and nulled? 0.00
Isn't a semicolon (';') needed after a function declara... -0.31
What does awaiting an asynchronous method do in background? +0.51
How to get the least possible combination for a coin change problem... +0.09
Explicit struct in C# requires double init of value +0.25
Boolean Algebra Expression Factorisation 0.00
Is there an explanation for inline operators in "k += c += k +... -0.41
Thread safety reading Guid Twice +0.46
I'm trying to get the length of my non list [Fixed] 0.00
What is await doing here? +0.08
C# Immutability and Equality 0.00
How do I fix the error "there is no argument given that corres... 0.00
How to deal with enumeration 0 in C# (CA1008 discussion) +0.22
KeyNotFoundException in C# Dictionary after changing property value... +0.29
What is the difference between declaring an explicit generic parame... 0.00
Unable to Cast Object Anonymous Generic List +0.08
How to prevent an instance of a class from being created when the c... 0.00
Custom static variables for child classes +0.23
covariance/contravariance problem in C# generic delegate 0.00
why am i able to modify private members in a public method of other... +0.15
How to store outcome of switch statement into an object in c# -0.52
getting a type conflict even though class name is fully qualified? -1.06
How do I avoid explicitly defining generic type arguments when the... -1.67
How does contravariance work with Func delegate in .net core +0.54
C# covariance confusion 0.00
Why doesn't C#'s String.Join use StringBuilder at one point? 0.00
Is boxing going to happen here if T is int? +1.06
How can I force a throw to be a statement and not an expression (in... -2.09