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Eric Lippert

1920.22 (1st)
638,445 (35th)
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Title Δ
How can an immutable data structure NOT be thread safe? +0.24
Weird behaviour with catch clauses +0.08
Too many methods very similar +0.32
make method in C# that takes function without type parameters +0.08
Use of usassigned local variable but the variable is assigned +0.32
object self destruction from list C# +0.23
Calling hidden interface method 0.00
How can I draw a histogram from Maxwell's distribution? 0.00
How can I implement Maxwell's distribution? 0.00
Code for calculating amount of currency thinks it’s quirky. (Uninte... 0.00
Compiler doesn't recognize C# class member as a list 0.00
c# - convert list<string> to string - but save on structure +0.44
Convert string to decimal within LINQ Average function while handli... -0.09
Having trouble creating random values +0.08
Only the first if statement is returning (if / else if / else) 0.00
Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Linq.IGrouping<>&#... 0.00
What happens in long running async method before delay? +0.26
Linq Divide Object into multiple object by Property -0.78
C#, is there even a need to pass an object by reference? 0.00
Why can I call this static method using the class name but not usin... 0.00
C# Method Which Takes Single Item Or List +0.76
How to get an Expression from a Lambda Expression 0.00
Square root of a value using methods on C# window form 0.00
What is the advantage of defining an public Enum inside a class? 0.00
Best Practice with C#. Is it okay to pass parameters with await? +0.08
Cannot understand Task Factory 0.00
Need help manually adding to a dictionary 0.00
Why assigning byte value to a dynamic variable changes dynamic to b... +1.13
What mechanisms of the C# language are used in order to pass an ins... +0.42
i got CS0029 C# Cannot implicitly convert type 'int' to ... 0.00
What can I replace here since I can't have a lambda function wi... -0.19
c# Strange Pairs || I can't spot the difference between these 2... 0.00
Use of the "Object" data type in C#, does it contain memb... 0.00
What does accessing a Result on a Task before calling Wait actually... +0.63
Why won't a Func with a nullable return type fit into a Diction... 0.00
How to cast correctly from long to int? 0.00
Can one access variable name from inside its defining function in C#? +0.08
Cyclic Generic Reference is unusable 0.00
Why can I declare a child variable with the same name as a variable... 0.00
Here is the C# Monad, where is the problem? 0.00
Cleaner way than using Type (possibly as?) - code smell looking for... 0.00
c# method with unlimited params or method with an array or list? +0.15
Is there a delay in between statements in C#? +0.26
How does importing types from System.Linq add methods to other clas... 0.00
How to define the smallest difference between two arrays? -1.58
How to avoid violating the DRY principle when you have to have both... +0.46
Store name + number and sort in size order based on the numbers -0.33
"Using" an out parameter +0.04
Get All Parents Child-Parent Relationship +0.36
Why is it required to have override keyword in front of abstract me... +0.30