An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Niklas B.

1741.00 (49th)
72,476 (1,169th)
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Title Δ
Count inversions in two arrays +1.00
How to find the nearest number, that is power of two, to another nu... +1.10
how to use network flow to solve linear programming? 0.00
Mathemmatical formula for incremental breakdowns -0.31
Convert int to 16 bit unsinged short -2.28
Keep track on biggest element in FIFO queue +0.19
How can I order an array with duplicate values? 0.00
Reducing algorithm for SHA256 rainbow tables 0.00
Compute the binary tree nodes count 0.00
Efficient equality function on trees -3.13
Topological sort in linear time? 0.00
Missing integer variation - O(n) solution needed -0.62
What are the possible ways to encode a counter in a byte? 0.00
Which datastructure to use? Indexed data structure inserted out of... +1.18
Maximum weighted independent set in bipartite graph +0.16
Miller Rabin Primality test accuracy -0.13
In Python, construct cyclic subgroup from generator +0.98
Divide and Conquer Algo to find maximum difference between two orde... +0.93
Algorithm to find the minimum length of substring having all charac... +0.52
nCk modulo p when n % p or k % p == 0 +1.14
JSP's variable's width 0.00
Filter list of strings, ignoring substrings of other items +0.87
Tree or other data structure most efficient to lookup "recent... -2.70
How does std::sort work for list of pairs? +1.05
Find the nearest nice number +0.74
Represent a number as sum of primes +0.47
Solving a LP feasibility using CGAL 0.00
A network flow with different constraints +0.18
Solving a simple power grid (flow network) 0.00
Find count of a repeated value in a sorted array 0.00
Find dominating set of vertices on one side of bipartite graph +1.05
Searching for minimal flow with fulfill capacity in flow graphs 0.00
How does this code stop the parent from collapsing on floating it's... +0.72
GROUP_CONCAT with limit +0.70
Worst case complexity of generating numbers to equal a set of numbers +0.59
How to cross 2 two-dimensional arrays in python? 0.00
Trying to create an efficient algorithm for a function in Haskell +0.60
C++ : "reset" std::next_permutation() 0.00
Python - Break string with latex formatting 0.00
Shortest way between two points by going through all other points f... +0.47
Following struct pointers +0.21
Find two paths in a graph that are in distance of at least D(consta... 0.00
Interleave three equally sized partitions in an array inplace in O(... -2.96
count number of subsets with atmost k distinct elements 0.00
Find the smallest threshold value that is >= K number of data va... +0.17
Recreate the Sequence 0.00
Maximizing sum of a spiral path on a grid 0.00
Counting incoming edges in a directed acyclic graph 0.00
Codeforces 427E: impossible to write fast enough solution in Java 0.00
CodeJam 2014: How to solve task "New Lottery Game"? +0.19