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Rating Stats for

Niklas B.

1741.00 (49th)
72,476 (1,169th)
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Title Δ
Purpose of Xor Linked List? +0.19
Multi-start and Multi-end shortest path set 0.00
Compute hash of a substring given the hashes of all prefixes of the... 0.00
Disconnecting a connected graph 0.00
Select an element from a stream with uniform distributed probability -0.46
Given x,y, How to find whether x! is divisible by y or not? -0.43
Keeping changes in array indices -0.91
Finding shortest path between two nodes in a weighted DAG with nega... +1.05
Variation of a Maximum_Subarray_Problem 0.00
Optimum path in a graph to maximize a value 0.00
Are there any statically typed languages with generators? 0.00
How many distinct expressions are possible? 0.00
Finding Inorder Successor in Binary Search Tree +0.39
Python: find a x,y coordinate for a given point B using the distanc... 0.00
Path of Length N in graph with constraints +0.72
Finding the starting vertex for Dijkstra's algorithm? +0.55
Maximum profit using Dijkstra Algorithm -0.30
Computing Min-Cut of a Graph with No Reverse Edges 0.00
optimal way to calculate all nodes at distance less than k from m g... +0.19
Find the maximum value in an array that's the sum of 3 other values +0.19
Need algorithm for optimization issue of distribution points among... 0.00
python reverse/transponse a dictionary +0.89
How does this code find the number of trailing zeros from any base... +0.98
How to decide the sign of the permutation between two ordered set? +0.47
Printing Items that are in sack in knapsack 0.00
Search the longest substring in two strings 0.00
4 by 3 lock pattern +0.67
Searching for a particular String in an array -0.57
Find elements which need to be removed from an array such that 2*mi... +0.20
Complete graph with only two possible costs. What's the shortest pa... +0.18
Boolean equal: 0 == a, does operand order matter? +0.67
How to convert a decimal string to binary string? -0.55
sum of absolute differences of a number in an array +1.08
quickest way to find out if an element is in the left or right subt... -3.00
Transitive set merging 0.00
If statement always returns true when testing if value is in a range +1.39
if a function's lexical environment is created at the time the func... +0.23
Function returning an address of the greatest element in the array +0.29
Dynamic programming problems solution to interleaving strings +0.82
Cycle detection in a 2-tuple python list 0.00
Find points that contained by set of retangle -0.44
How to break up a sentence (String) into a list ([String])? +0.88
Finding the value of a node in a Haskell tree +1.27
Is "Lexicographically minimal string rotation" the same a... +0.88
Breaking a single python .py file into multiple files with inter-de... 0.00
Sorting an array in reverse order 0.00
Calculate possible "snake" passwords 0.00
Can I use Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm in my graph? +0.71
Algorithm for generating all possible boolean functions of n variab... -2.54
Time complexity of Single Link List Insertion and deletion +0.33