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1807.10 (7th)
458,614 (74th)
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Title Δ
ICC opt-report "subscript too complex" +0.82
Why is my Strassen's Matrix Multiplication slow? +0.76
What is the effect of using JMP on a function address? +0.72
Reverse a AVX register containing doubles using a single AVX intrin... 0.00
How can a 16bit Processor have 4 byte sized long int? +0.19
What is the fastest way to calculate e to 2 trillion digits? +0.50
OpenMP with Visual Studio: race condition 0.00
SSE Comparison Intrinsics - How to get 1 or 0 from a comparison? 0.00
Union with __m256 and array of two __m128 +1.30
_mm_shuffle_ps() equivalent for integer vectors (__m128i)? 0.00
Inner if statement kills vectorization 0.00
What is bandwidth demand? 0.00
Why doesn't a compiler optimize floating-point *2 into an exponent... +0.48
Issues with circular bit-shift in C++ +0.16
Visual Studio performance optimization in branching 0.00
Are shift op codes really 3 times faster than moves? Intel x86 +0.94
Timing difference/increase different when using `%` vs `&` +0.15
Matlab matrix multiplication speed +0.18
'_mm_hadd_ps' was not declared in this scope +0.16
Why does GCC emit "lea" instead of "sub" for su... +0.17
Fast Function resembling a^b -1.50
Why is the order of evaluation for function parameters unspecified... +1.21
Why doesn’t __builtin_prefetch have any effect here? +0.18
Using an union, can I compare two doubles via unsigned int? 0.00
Is there a performance penalty access an array of 32-bit integers i... +0.59
where is _mm_prefetch in Visual Studio 2012? 0.00
pread and pwrite not defined? 0.00
In simple terms, what is the purpose of flush() in ostream +0.18
Cleanest way to copy a constant size array in c++11 -0.85
Why is my program slow when looping over exactly 8192 elements? +0.14
Computational complexity of an n-dimensional Fast Fourier Transform? 0.00
Why does gcc add this movss instruction only with _mm_set_ss? +0.75
What types of numbers are representable in binary floating-point? +0.70
GCC: vectorization difference between two similar loops +0.76
Object array alignment with __attribute__aligned() Or alignas()? 0.00
when to use expm1 instead of exp in java -1.56
How to compile openmp using g++ -3.14
Can accessing uninitialized values result in a performance hit? 0.00
Avoiding powers of 2 for cache friendliness 0.00
why padding is not happening in this case? +0.76
OMP - more threads than the number of processors? 0.00
Getting a int32_t or a int64_t value from a char array +1.03
movl multi-data instruction and assembly optimization comparison 0.00
Why does a preassigned function pointer perform worse than a branch? 0.00
strange error during cast to __m128i +0.57
Code working in c but not in c++ +0.15
Bitshifting chars in c +0.16
Dealing with Angle Wrap in c++ code +0.14
C: Garbage characters in Console output 0.00
Does VC++ 2010 Express not have std::thread? 0.00