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1807.10 (7th)
423,698 (63rd)
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Title Δ
Restrict pointers and inlining 0.00
OpenMP threads, data access latency and STL data containers +0.82
copying datas into the array using memcpy +0.15
Two structs in different header files, both using the other +0.48
Why is sizeof(a) 16? (sizeof int is 4 ) +0.97
SSE2, Visual Studio 2010, and Debug Build +0.89
confusion in floating-point binary representation +1.32
Can any finite bit string be found in pi within a reasonable amount... +0.56
Vectorizing Dot Product Calculation using SSE4 +0.97
Why is processing a sorted array faster than an unsorted array? +0.55
How to find the max member in a __m128(F32vec4) 0.00
How to perform element-wise left shift with __m128i? +0.17
Why does loop fission make sense in this case? +1.01
How to combine two __m128 to __m256 +0.17
Couldn't get acceleration OpenMP +0.13
Synchronization with OpenMP, For directive 0.00
Should I worry about NUMA in one CPU system? 0.00
c & gcc : Stack growth and alignment - for a 64 bit machine +0.56
Logarithm function of an arbitrary integer base in C 0.00
Need clarification on bit shifting +0.58
Can I force a compiler error if certain functions are called? -0.72
Compare strings by SSE4 wrappers 0.00
GMP ceiling function +0.64
Why can assembly instructions contain multiplications in the "... +0.48
Can the producer/consumer ( bounded-buffer ) be sped up through ope... 0.00
Why am I observing multiple inheritance to be faster than single? +0.68
What does the following assembly instruction do addsd -8(%rbp), %xm... 0.00
X86 assembly - Handling the IDIV instruction -2.27
Where does the SSE instructions outperform normal instructions 0.00
How to do aligned additions without aligned arrays 0.00
When is the "Fast Integer Multiplication Using Modular Arithme... 0.00
Dereferencing 64 bit register after using lower half in add +1.01
"Missing" arithmetic instructions in Tilera and SSE. How... 0.00
Why does GCC generate such radically different assembly for nearly... +0.37
SSE optimized emulation of 64-bit integers 0.00
If vs if-else vs switch when each condition results in a return +0.34
C how to measure time correctly? +0.69
Why is modulo operator necessary? +0.57
OpenMP: parallel program not faster (or not very faster) then seria... 0.00
Cache miss ? how can I see that? 0.00
Most efficient way to share data between cores +0.46
Limits of parallelization regarding the core number 0.00
Does inline assembly need to have permission in linux? 0.00
C code loop performance +0.16
Weird result after assigning 2^31 to a signed and unsigned 32-bit i... +0.55
literal constant vs variable in math library -0.00
Gmp mpf_pow_ui function 0.00
Getting floating point exception while trying to use div in assembly 0.00
Fast way to calculate n! mod m where m is prime? -0.84
Having trouble rounding in c 0.00