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Rob W

1758.09 (30th)
282,227 (126th)
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Title Δ
Firefox Web Extensions APIS for Multiple Monitor and Full Screen 0.00
How to send message from XUL to embedded WebExtension 0.00
chrome.runtime.reload blocking the extension 0.00
Open a html page located inside Firefox web extension 0.00
Programmatic injection on nested iframes in extension page 0.00
chrome:// Invalid Scheme 0.00
Messaging problems between content script and background script (We... +0.58
Chrome extension, content script, and XSS attacks 0.00
Can anyone explain that what is the use of "match_about_blank&... 0.00
Detect if URL supports HTTP2 using AJAX request in Chrome Extension? +0.18
how to use xhr.overrideMimeType in Chrome / IE Edge? 0.00
chrome.contextMenus exclude type 0.00
history.back() doesn't work with HTML5 history API as expected... 0.00
Read n lines of a big text file +0.71
Why doesn't Firefox allow you to execute a script in the main f... 0.00
How can I make a firefox add-on contentscript inject and run a scri... +0.52
Will adding "chrome_url_overrides" to chrome extension, d... 0.00
Change user-agent headers only in incognito mode with a Chrome exte... 0.00
In chrome extension, how to send a cross-origin message from a pare... 0.00
Why aren't my Omnibox suggestions redirecting to another page? 0.00
Disabling In-App Purchases in Chrome extension I no longer support 0.00
Improve permission warning for chrome.webNavigation 0.00
Chrome webstore - extensions download statistic -1.35
Most idiomatic way of creating custom events in Chrome extensions 0.00 strange behaviour: confused by a duplicate obj... 0.00
Get Chrome tab pid from Chrome extension +0.85
"Refused to load the script" error in chrome extension +0.93
Why does only IE check the X-Frame-Options Header when iFrame src s... 0.00
Chrome Extension Messaging Architecture 0.00
ResourceType for MIME-Type: video/* 0.00
Can we perform async operations within a test using Jasmine? +0.18
Chrome Extension webAudio API stops Windows power saving modes 0.00
How to call a function from injected script? -0.20
How to access host from chrome extension 0.00
Chrome native messaging: can I stream a MediaStream to a native pro... 0.00
Chrome extension: Checking if content script has been injected or not +0.18
Where to register the Native Messaging Host in Chrome OS 0.00
Google Chrome / Chromium event filter, local file hostname? 0.00
Capture system sound from browser 0.00
Use transferable objects with a shared worker 0.00
Opening chrome extension in new tab 0.00
How to serve files from a Chrome extension under different origin? 0.00
Runtime modification of Chrome extension resident stylesheet 0.00
Google Rich Notifications, best way to click to open a notification... 0.00
Chrome Extension Context Menu not working after update 0.00
CMD+R not working anymore in chrome://extensions/ -0.67
Disable update of specific chrome extension 0.00
ES6 destructuring object, default value on assignment when not used... +1.68
Using web workers with chrome extension 0.00
How can a Chrome extension check at runtime if it is running on Ope... 0.00