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Rob W

1758.09 (32nd)
282,227 (131st)
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Title Δ
Is there a way to hide the top menus in Chrome devtools? 0.00
Firefox Web Extensions APIS for Multiple Monitor and Full Screen 0.00
How to send message from XUL to embedded WebExtension 0.00
chrome.runtime.reload blocking the extension 0.00
Open a html page located inside Firefox web extension 0.00
Programmatic injection on nested iframes in extension page 0.00
chrome:// Invalid Scheme 0.00
Messaging problems between content script and background script (We... +0.58
Chrome extension, content script, and XSS attacks 0.00
Can anyone explain that what is the use of "match_about_blank&... 0.00
Detect if URL supports HTTP2 using AJAX request in Chrome Extension? +0.18
how to use xhr.overrideMimeType in Chrome / IE Edge? 0.00
chrome.contextMenus exclude type 0.00
history.back() doesn't work with HTML5 history API as expected... 0.00
Read n lines of a big text file +0.71
Why doesn't Firefox allow you to execute a script in the main f... 0.00
How can I make a firefox add-on contentscript inject and run a scri... +0.52
Will adding "chrome_url_overrides" to chrome extension, d... 0.00
Change user-agent headers only in incognito mode with a Chrome exte... 0.00
In chrome extension, how to send a cross-origin message from a pare... 0.00
Why aren't my Omnibox suggestions redirecting to another page? 0.00
Disabling In-App Purchases in Chrome extension I no longer support 0.00
Improve permission warning for chrome.webNavigation 0.00
Chrome webstore - extensions download statistic -1.35
Most idiomatic way of creating custom events in Chrome extensions 0.00 strange behaviour: confused by a duplicate obj... 0.00
Get Chrome tab pid from Chrome extension +0.85
"Refused to load the script" error in chrome extension +0.93
Why does only IE check the X-Frame-Options Header when iFrame src s... 0.00
Chrome Extension Messaging Architecture 0.00
ResourceType for MIME-Type: video/* 0.00
Can we perform async operations within a test using Jasmine? +0.18
Chrome Extension webAudio API stops Windows power saving modes 0.00
How to call a function from injected script? -0.20
How to access host from chrome extension 0.00
Chrome native messaging: can I stream a MediaStream to a native pro... 0.00
Chrome extension: Checking if content script has been injected or not +0.18
Where to register the Native Messaging Host in Chrome OS 0.00
Google Chrome / Chromium event filter, local file hostname? 0.00
Capture system sound from browser 0.00
Use transferable objects with a shared worker 0.00
Opening chrome extension in new tab 0.00
How to serve files from a Chrome extension under different origin? 0.00
Runtime modification of Chrome extension resident stylesheet 0.00
Google Rich Notifications, best way to click to open a notification... 0.00
Chrome Extension Context Menu not working after update 0.00
CMD+R not working anymore in chrome://extensions/ -0.67
Disable update of specific chrome extension 0.00
ES6 destructuring object, default value on assignment when not used... +1.68
Using web workers with chrome extension 0.00