An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1758.23 (28th)
48,187 (2,121st)
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Title Δ
Insert square brackets around specific words within a text string i... 0.00
Why does sorting an associative array by a boolean value using a co... 0.00
How do I set a variable from a loop in to my array and then show th... 0.00
Fill remaining array index with null based on the length specified 0.00
Re-grouping array into multidimensional using several values 0.00
Array to string conversion when using heredoc syntax 0.00
extract all keys of a dictionary of dictionaries as a list or 0.00
Remove every 3rd and 4th element from array in php 0.00
Get month list starting from a given month and ending to another? 0.00
Create a table within a foreach loop and then print the same html e... 0.00
How to Display JavaScript Objects? every object in new line 0.00
User input possibilities of pairs to match to arrays 0.00
jQuery function non-reversible. [website cart feature] 0.00
how to merge (group) rows belonging to the same session 0.00
Filter and sort inputed list of integers for non negative numbers p... 0.00
Convert Array of Objects to Key Value Structure in Javascript 0.00
How to add array to last array indexed inside object? 0.00
How to convert a String into an Object in JavaScript 0.00
SQL group by and sum based on distinct value in other column (sum o... 0.00
MySQL, SQL how to retrieve the full row containing less used value... 0.00
How to find last ordered user in mysql? 0.00
Find the matching elements between multiple arrays (more than 2) in... 0.00
MySQL get just one row duplicated result on select 0.00
Sorting an array of arrays of integers 0.00
How to sort multi-dimensional PHP array based on external array val... 0.00
Javascript - group array of objects by common values with label 0.00
Saving index values with non-zero elements in Python 0.00
How to take out the longest substring by alphabetical order in a li... 0.00
Modify value in multidim array and push it as new key value pair 0.00
How to get substrings using python 0.00
Group By Count from Multiple Tables with conditions 0.00
PHP Sort Ascending Keeping Identical Keys 0.00
Array elements in String PHP: How can I print_r the matching elemen... 0.00
Group rows by the same value in the field, while matching on partia... 0.00
Change the nested array object by passing parameter in javascript 0.00
Need Help to solve an string challenge C#, Java or JavaScript 0.00
How do I randomly create the number of drops? 0.00
Trying to fetch the attributes only from the current product post (... 0.00
Loop three times over a calendar 0.00
MySQL query to count occurrences on days of the year 0.00
Multidimensional array to formatted string 0.00
Nearest array element by key in reverse order 0.00
Sorting column in SQL version MySQL 5.5 0.00
Joining 2 tables which have the same foreign key from same table bu... 0.00
How can i create a list in a dictionary without repeating certain k... 0.00
HackerRank - Minimum Swaps 2 Timeout 0.00
Unsorted array - Getting index from next higher value | Complexity... 0.00
for range() in list_of_ranges get values from list_of_values if the... 0.00
How to update a complex json object based on array of objects 0.00
Join two associative array based on key using PHP 0.00