An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1768.27 (23rd)
48,187 (2,121st)
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Title Δ
How to match 2 separate numbers in Javascript +0.41
python regex re.match +0.18
Array filter method is not returning trimmed values +1.69
Parse Ascii Escaped String in JavaScript 0.00
PHP combine_array produces false when element count is the same 0.00
python catching error from decorated function 0.00
Why items method for dictionary is so much faster than a straightfo... 0.00
eventListener works on click 1. But fails on click 2 +0.18
Python recursive function to match key values and return path in ne... +0.64
Not able to split the string based on regex +0.76
create new df from existing df in pandas - python +0.79
Matching parenthesis in PHP +0.68
Imposing LIMIT on UNION 0.00
Regex Match everything except words of particular flag format 0.00
How do I filter multiple items from an array and add to an object? 0.00
Find indexes of unquoted words in a string using `re.finditer()` me... -0.95
Split string/output into sentences ('.', '?', '... 0.00
How to access a nested object in JSON via Python +0.17
Passing parameters in Javascript and html -1.38
python - issue in looping and compare logic 0.00
SQL Join with nested table returns wrong data +0.18
How can I group an array and get count of all the records having si... +0.47
i cant view all data when i using Datepicker on 'WHERE' +1.08
Get max value of Object property -2.31
In Python3 , How to update the dict using comprehensions +0.18
How to get the maximum out of a list of "hh:mm" timestamps? +0.42
How to convert multiple list in dictionary in python +0.94
simple loop that wraps around string not working? 0.00
Regex split rows with newline, keep split keys 0.00
Recursive query in tree MySQL8 / MariaDB10 0.00
SQL, operation between paired rows -0.99
Create table with foreign key constraint failed 0.00
How to fix bad escape regex error (python re) +0.17
How like '#if DEBUG' and '#endif' remove content be... 0.00
Shorten SQLite3 insert statement for efficiency and readability 0.00
Why is my `minutes` number goes into negatives? 0.00
Javascript - Converting string to number in an array of objects +0.18
Recursive loop through Javascript Object +0.88
Using a .join to return `|` in between multiple values 0.00
How to create a MySQL query that returns the replies to a given use... 0.00
check if database contains two people with the same age and print it 0.00
removing empty array objects from an array in javascript and react +0.60
PHP array with foreach -1.06
Count consecutive letters +0.18
How to replace multi dimensional text javascript regex +0.48
Numpy Operation 0.00
SQL query return 0 when use count +0.48
All unique combinations of a set of sets of values 0.00
Python access nested list -0.16
Take Last Value of Duplicate Dates for Unique Symbol 0.00