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1675.28 (260th)
35,045 (3,214th)
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Title Δ
FOREACH with a DATE COMPARE condition (PHP) 0.00
How can I get this Regex outprint? 0.00
Is there any regex that will help me choose the anchors only with c... 0.00
Calculate accumulative win loss percentage 0.00
Is that possible in PHP to pass variables into a function when they... 0.00
SQL Bit operation, change second last bit to 0 0.00
Sorting Multidimensional array several levels 0.00
What I'm doing wrong? "session start" 0.00
Call Stored Procedures within a Stored Procedure with IF Logic 0.00
SQL: Get the beginning date of the month from a Month_year name col... 0.00
Get the hours between 9AM-5PM between two dates 0.00
create new column with conditional values from existing column in M... 0.00
Display php array item if true 0.00
Php - Sum up the numbers in an array one by one +0.29
How to show different values if entry is empty -0.69
Exhaustive join in MySQL 0.00
How to preg_split all character, but don't split <b> and... 0.00
SQL - SELECT unique rows AND older than 4 hours +1.33
Calling a stored procedure where one of the 'IN' variables... 0.00
How to get all categories of a product in PHP/SQL 0.00
How to split weekly data in mysql into daily number 0.00
Count 2 distinct fields in same mysql row in 1 query 0.00
Scrambles radio button data 0.00
Changing int 10 to int 11 using DDL 0.00
How to toggle mathematical operator and store calculations in a loop? +1.29
Changing value in MySQL table gives syntax error +1.28
How MySQL does the math calculation of floating point addition? -1.46
MySQL: Is it possible to display aggregate data1 and aggregate data... -2.47
PHP Detect a 5 card straight within an array of 7 cards 0.00
Error message: Array ( ) Warning: mysqli::query() expects parameter... +0.72
An incrementing function in php going wrong 0.00
How do I disable DEFAULT and ON UPDATE when creating a table 0.00
PHP get continue date next month and get price loan every month wit... +0.25
PHP How to get continue date next month based on number of paramete... 0.00
How to update multiple values in mysql based on another table using... 0.00
How to insert a field that contains a modified value of a row 0.00
MySQL query to get total percentage change -1.93
MySQL query to get total percentage change +0.41
Search for duplicates, if found sum values +1.09
Check difference between two array without any function -1.81
How to get a clean string with extension with preg_replace in php? -2.40
how to write the sql code to get the data between 2 dates? -0.84
Add new node to a XML on every item with a variable as attribute us... -2.52
Merge two column from different table row wise using mysql 0.00
Adding a Date to a function's echo in php 0.00
Split URL by PHP +0.27
PHP - Creating path list from array -3.04
Display the item nearest to current time +0.25
Check json_contains on json of json in mysql table +1.18
SELECT data from one table in each database on server -0.80