An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1693.93 (165th)
16 (1,137,266th)
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Title Δ
Is there an alternative for array_merge? -0.59
replace remove text from a string having starting and end character... -0.32
How to import this excel format into this database format? +0.24
Make specific rules for string PHP +1.09
Filter multi-dimensional array using key 0.00
Execute a query in IF statement inside FOR loop using PHPExcel 0.00
SQL Group by string and cut results by symbol +1.21
Removing first part of string? -0.85
Why do I need brackets for simple expression? +1.13
How to efficiently perform union of two queries with and without gr... +1.20
Populating item count of cart in php 0.00
SQL query to search for matches within derived table 0.00
How to calculate sum of digits of a date in php? +1.13
How to efficiently pre-filter rows in conjunction with a join? 0.00
Return index of JSON subarray if some keys in it contain specific v... +1.15
SyntaxError: "JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace ..."... 0.00
Extract number of string with regex 0.00
Why this recursive concat produces: Data too long 0.00
Wordpress: how to grab an array value from a print_r($object) 0.00
Array Combine with same year +0.69
insert into multiple rows PDO 0.00
Won't this mysql line call the result? -0.25
Search SQL JSON array of objects 0.00
Python Regex - Extract third portion -1.98
How to ORDER BY which ever Parameter comes first in the URL or MySQ... -1.80
Pattern Matching Multiple Word Patterns 0.00
get full image link using preg replace 0.00
SQL - How to find difference between two rows of same column contai... -1.48
Laravel - Ternery operator 0.00
Database failure 0.00
Get ID from inserted row so the table can get updated with a new va... 0.00
How to get value from table where id of this value found on another... +0.23
How to intersect merge two array by array value -2.70
remove part of string after 4th slash in php +0.00
Inserting data into multiple different data tables 0.00
Change array keys to a value within the array +0.87
Call to a member function getTimestamp() on a non- object error 0.00
How to get data for two columns using right join with MYSQL case +1.22
Getting lowest and highest value in PHP array not showing me the co... +0.25
Split string from array value and add that split array in the same... 0.00
How do I make a table that is based on the sum of other columns in... -2.55
mysql - get data from another tabel according to search? +0.93
Building report with date gaps 0.00
Convert date April/2019 to 04/2019 +0.89
Pull result only for missing data 0.00
Array Explode values in single database table with 3 different rows... +0.24
Update selected rows +0.42
Performance question: A better way to do "CASE, LOCATE then GR... 0.00
Cant get the nodeValue of element 0.00
display the smallest value in while function in php 0.00