An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1731.68 (63rd)
48,187 (2,121st)
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Title Δ
Tag consecutive non zero rows into distinct partitions? 0.00
Join to table without key to get related row 0.00
Replacing values of a dictionary in python 0.00
How to create a list conditionally? 0.00
Regex not capturing character 0.00
How to find out if an email address starts with something and ends... 0.00
How can I remove curly quotes if available at 0 and last index of s... 0.00
How to fetch the last row in MySQL in THIS scenario? 0.00
Display previous and next record based on where clause value 0.00
Giving wrong result with split_part in postgresql 0.00
Simplify the query or rewriting the query by omitting UNION ALL? 0.00
Replacing matching strings from array keys in a string 0.00
How could I split a list based on first character of word and put t... 0.00
Create a multi-dimensional array with PHP from lineal array 0.00
Regex Postgresql: Remove the last part of string recursively 0.00
Exclude values from results if a column contains a specific value 0.00
Regex for OCR Clean-up 0.00
Return all rows from an array 0.00
Split Number by a number format 0.00
count the number of occurrence of each element in an array (in php) 0.00
displaying data from database using php 0.00
Print list of lists using *(expansion operator) in single line of c... 0.00
Cannot fetch record using AND (&&) using PHP and mysql 0.00
python regex - extracting digits from string with numbers and chara... 0.00
Is there anyway to get random indexes of a list in a new list in py... 0.00
how to factoring/group php methods 0.00
(PHP) Help for authentication 0.00
Change values of more than one text box (Based on ID or Input type) 0.00
Select * gives an amount but using column names gives 0 0.00
SQL Error: "-" can not be applied to timestamp 0.00
reading/searching through JSON data in MariaDB (multiple objects in... 0.00
php get numbers based on array skip and start 0.00
multiple selection in the where clause 0.00
PHP - unset array where Key is X and Value is Y 0.00
Populate drop-downlist from JSON to PHP 0.00
Fetch only matching records from two entities 0.00
The same table SQL Joins 0.00
How do I use Regex in python to remove ALL characters EXCEPT letters 0.00
SQL Partition By Function without aggregation 0.00
Scores of students adding up on one student's total score 0.00
How to use IF statement before FROM Clause 0.00
If forward slash(/) followed by multiple forward slashes replace on... 0.00
PHP MYSQL : Printing 2D arrays 0.00
Print a new <tr> each time & "N" number of elem... 0.00
How can I use mysqli fetch_assoc() several times with prepared stat... 0.00
Find full matches in one field when related to a second field 0.00
SQL: Count (*) WHERE multiple matches are expected 0.00
MySQL: Look for specific value first then get a second value 0.00
How to get records at top with availablity in all sizes using mysql 0.00
Update table by all records from second table 0.00