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Daniel Fischer

1737.04 (55th)
165,363 (318th)
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Title Δ
GHC rewrite rules with class constraints 0.00
Function Does nothing 0.00
Why this [haskell] compilation error? 0.00
Overlapping instances ok, but still fails 0.00
calculating factorial with modulus for large range gives overflow 0.00
RSA encryption in C++ +0.20
Invalid pointer becoming valid again +0.72
Scanf function not accepting input +0.73
Haskell Vector performance compared to Scala -0.43
Why creating and disposing temporal ByteStrings eats up my memory i... +0.20
Writing infinite list to skip every factor of p? -0.55
What is the upper bound of Integer in Haskell? +0.24
Negative Denominator Makes GMP crash? 0.00
How can I multiply and divide 64-bit ints accurately? +1.02
Haskell Dependency Conflict 0.00
C pointers and malloc confusion EXC_BAD_ACCESS 0.00
Is the `IntegralDomain` in `numeric-prelude` really an Integral dom... 0.00
recoding getline function on C 0.00
Having ST(U)Arrays in a data structure? 0.00
Complexity of algorithm (asymptotic) +0.20
Haskell Read (no instance) -0.49
basic qsort on string array crashes in qsort() -1.48
calculating the max using math import 0.00
Why is factorial calculation much faster in Haskell than in Java +0.48
Strange subtraction in c# +1.34
Check if a point projected on a line segment is not outside it +1.22
qsort with pointer to pointer to void 0.00
Which one of theese XOR are considered better in Haskell +0.48
How can I remove the first apperance of a number in a list? Haskell +0.56
Haskell syntax: what does drop (n+1) [] = [] mean? +0.79
How would I go about improving/making this run faster? +1.07
How do I break out of a loop in Haskell? +0.82
The C pointer array subscript, cannot start from 0 0.00
Does values of global variable changes if they are updated in funct... +0.76
How do I take the last n elements of a list +0.46
Maximum number of decimal digits that can affect a double 0.00
Global integer array with No dimension +0.21
Why does the lexer rule for strings takes precedence over all my ot... 0.00
Data.MemoCombinators; unexpected running time 0.00
Weird Output Explanation +0.21
Learning Haskell: thunks returned by repeat 0.00
Why the mentioned code is undefined behaviour in C +1.24
Reversing a Linked List recursively, can someone walk me through it? -1.21
Minimum Subarray which is larger than a Key 0.00
Consider the program output +0.20
Unifying Types in Haskell -2.90
Assigning address of an int to a char pointer 0.00
Binary Search - Error +0.21
Difference Equation Blowing Up - C +0.82
Return statement error, return null instead +0.19