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oguz ismail

1751.41 (42nd)
3,760 (44,665th)
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Title Δ
Expand references to sibling values in a JSON using JQ 0.00
How to read nested array elements from JSON? +0.19
How to unflatten a JSON object? 0.00
How to split a string on the second match -0.13
Group files by common substring in their names +0.41
Generate a separate CSV record for each array element +1.07
Using JQ to create a JSON file from a list of files 0.00
Replace each directory with the sole regular file it contains 0.00
Nest and merge JSON based on namespaces 0.00
Remove dash separated numbers from the end of string in Bash 0.00
Splitting a file with a very long comma separated string of numbers... +1.36
"Argument list too long" while slurping JSON files 0.00
How to remove semi-duplicate directories in Bash? 0.00
Find length of each array field within a JSON object using jq 0.00
Why aren't wildcards expanded in the assignment part of an expo... +1.16
Using a JSON key as a lookup in JQ 0.00
How to keep one level of object and extract one of its sub-key only? +1.61
Bash - meaning of a simple question mark (?) 0.00
How to echo "$@" so the result is valid bash and maintain... +1.29
Print seconds without fractional part in GNU find 0.00
Using JQ to convert plain text block to JSON +0.81
Nested JSON with variable keys to TSV using jq 0.00
Accessing nested values in JQ using path passed through command line -0.30
Update deeply nested field with value from higher-level object in JQ +1.02
Using JQ to merge two JSON snippets from one file +0.95
Flatten/merge JSON into single array of objects with JQ 0.00
Conditionally prepend variable with a slash +0.20
How to escape backslashes in replacement part of a pattern substitu... 0.00
Using `jq` to add key/value to a json file using another json file... 0.00
Read JSON arrays into a Bash array +0.99
How to merge and reshape nested objects using JQ? -2.33
Export environment variables to JSON in Bash 0.00
Ctrl-C doesn't always terminate a shell script 0.00
How to count files that contain at least two lines using find or xa... 0.00
Merge array elements on common field in JQ 0.00
Modify a numeric value only in dicts where it exists (from within a... +1.03
Convert all number abbreviations to numeric values in a text file +1.20
Bash redirecting synchronization dilemma 0.00
Make a table out of array elements in Bash 0.00
How do I find and replace a character when it is not one of the fir... 0.00
How to use find and prename to reformat directory names recursively? +0.20
Omitting null values for sub() in JQ +1.04
Local variable assignment with command substitution behaves unexpec... 0.00
Why may USR1 signals sent from background jobs in a Bash script not... +1.06
Merge only select paths with JQ +1.06
Loop only through subdirs 0.00
Pair value with all products of a filter 0.00
Bind interactive command to a key sequence 0.00
Round current time up and down -1.75
Create an array out of values extracted from a stream +1.66