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oguz ismail

1717.58 (90th)
3,760 (44,501st)
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Title Δ
How to sum up string fields that contain percentages with 'jq&#... 0.00
Extract common lines from multiple text files and display original... 0.00
Expand arrays from a stream of JSON values of various types 0.00
jq - flatten parent objects into children 0.00
How to avoid generating all combinations of selected data while con... 0.00
Remove square brackets with parameter expansions 0.00
How do I filter on an optional property value only if it exists? 0.00
remove top-level JSON keys that are present in second JSON 0.00
find + grep as an if condition doesn't work as expected 0.00
remove keys that are present in sibling object and have a certain v... 0.00
How to handle wrong exit code upon child failure with SIGCHLD 0.00
Extract a field if it is accompanied by specific key-value pairs 0.00
Executing `make` inside multiple directories 0.00
system() yields inconsistent results 0.00
Comparing all columns in file to reference column in same file 0.00
Select each file whose name matches one of multiple patterns and is... 0.00
How to remove or ignore values from certain nesting level with jq 0.00
Copy value from grandchildren if it exists, use null otherwise 0.00
Insert a key value pair in each object if it is not present using jq 0.00
Is there a way to differentiate between a null value and the absenc... 0.00
Iterate over array of array names expanding each to its members 0.00
How do you pad the history number in the PS1 prompt with 0's? 0.00
How can I ignore errors with bash stdin redirection? 0.00
Find parent key based on child value 0.00
Terminate background job and its children on exit 0.00
filter based on presence of entry in sub-object 0.00
Alternative for-loop construct 0.00
Expand array elements appending a string to each in a loop 0.00
How does `SIGWINCH` pass through Bash? 0.00
How do you conditionally change a string value to a number in JQ? 0.00
Flatten a hierarchical JSON array using JQ 0.00
Match alphanumeric characters in case statement 0.00
Build target paths for cp out of underscore/dash delimited words in... 0.00
sort_by on array elements gives error 'Cannot index string with... 0.00
Convert table to JSON omitting repeated header lines 0.00
Remove parent elements with certain key-value pairs using JQ 0.00
Follow links in cURL responses using a loop 0.00
Generate lexicographic permutations 0.00
SIGPIPE due to file descriptors and process substitution 0.00
Tabulate text using equals sign as separator 0.00
Is there a way to get the path to a specific element within the JSO... 0.00
Ignore intermediate stderr inside a pipeline? 0.00
Combining mapfile, command redirection and exit status retrieval 0.00
How to use JQ to filter an object based on a value, and return an a... 0.00
convert JSON array to bash array preserving whitespaces 0.00
How to deal with an error in cut --complement command? 0.00
Is it possible to print all the commands when they are executed in... 0.00
Remove all files with a common prefix except the N latest modified +1.06
Split two strings and pair corresponding parts 0.00
extract the last line from curl progress output into a variable 0.00