An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1788.42 (12th)
105,338 (680th)
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Title Δ
Faster way to insert records using sql server and jdbc 0.00
JDBC single row resultset access error 0.00
Issue accessing Google cloud SQL : java SQLException 0.00
Count deleted records, returns 0 -3.15
Creating a SQL function from java causes Exception 0.00
Syntax error: Encountered "BEGIN" 0.00
Fill textboxes with null values -0.98
Get the results after the it is closed -3.15
MongoDB: Find and then modify the resulting object 0.00
Vaadin: How do I add options to a combo box? -0.60
tcp communication issue when new thread is triggered by timer +0.15
C, Malformed int to char[] after strcat +1.22
Initialise vector of std::ofstream in c++ 0.00
A Segmentation Fault occurs when calling free() on a null pointer +0.38
Data saved in Stack content keep changing, can't increment 0.00
Error : Heap block at X modified +0.19
Simple Java Multithreading +0.16
C typedef for function, how to use - simple example +0.48
probmem with comparing string c++ -1.53
Function in Windows that behaves similarly to mkstemp(char* template) 0.00
For Loop inside a Iterator-For-Loop 0.00
How to format table values in vaadin? +0.39
What does if(x) exactly resolve to in C? +0.50
Broadcast and answer with two threads and one shared variable 0.00
strcat for dynamic char pointers -0.66
Java thread crashes silently - I can't catch the exception +0.48
DLL Loading in Windows Programming 0.00
Segmentation fault when we try to copy array of charcters in function +0.67
memory leakage while using scanf for char* c 0.00
getline(cin) behaving unexpectedly (c++) +0.55
Why can't execute 'ifstream' in this state +0.16
How to get the value of a string from char* not the address -1.44
Passing address, but it is working like call by value in C? +0.15
"Method must return a result" when calling another method... +0.61
Scope of Heap Memory +0.37
return makes integer from pointer without a cast +0.48
Streams in C++ crashing the programme +0.80
Create string from array of strings in C +0.79
C Array to Char pointer +1.09
Should reliance on indirect header inclusion be used? -1.52
Passing fstream to function as structure member 0.00
How to delete .dat file in Java? +0.15
Just need some enlightenment about .equals +0.27
Deletion entries static map of vector pointers c++ +0.42
Shell script simulator for windows -0.35
Java constructor fails to work with varargs +0.45
c++ Pass variable value from one code block to another 0.00
Can someone help me to get buffered reader to work in Java? +0.42
Call exe file from java code -0.75
read return 1 when reading from a socket even it read more 0.00