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Martin R

1773.23 (16th)
401,069 (49th)
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Title Δ
How can I define a postfix operator on a tuple? 0.00
How to store data from an UnsafeMutablePointer in the iOS file system 0.00
Applying a threshold to all values in an array -0.33
Bad Access error when calling Swift closure from C api in Cocoa 0.00
Round Half Down in Swift +0.29
Dynamically pass in type to MemoryLayout<T> in Swift 0.00
Setting a locale of MeasurementFormatter instance voids any numberF... 0.00
Create smaller evenly distributed array 0.00
Every Other Odd Number Array in Swift -0.48
Get the frequency of the array with elements, according to the coun... -0.51
Create nXn matrix with values incrementing Swift +0.17
How to call a C function from Swift whose name coincides with a str... 0.00
Array of methods in swift without reference cycle +0.67
Swift Conditional conformances with Generic Type 0.00
NSPredicate match string by words 0.00
How to interleave arrays of real and complex numbers to use vDSP_ct... 0.00
How to represent an array of DSPDoubleSplitComplex numbers in the h... 0.00
Why does CGFloat casted from Float not exhibit CGFloat behavior? 0.00
Swift: Accessing C Struct Members That Are Objects 0.00
How does `JSONDecoder` know which encoding to use? 0.00
Reduce `[URLQueryItem]` into `[String: Any]` -2.98
Find next element in matrix +0.87
Cast UInt32 to Generic T: Numeric 0.00
how to remove specific element from 2D Array in swift -1.18
how to Converting JSON into Codable in swift 4.2? -1.72
Splitting method algorithm 0.00
How to get the range of the first line in a string? +0.71
How to get the full line range for a given character range in Swift? +0.77
Swift: String starts(with:) vs hasprefix 0.00
map an array of struct -0.54
How can I use the __builtin_expect in Swift? 0.00
Casting an UnsafeMutableRawPointer to Multiple Types 0.00
Task from the interview. How we would solve it? +0.42
Dealing with optionals in FSEventStreamRef API from Swift 0.00
DFS function for finding islands in 2D array returning incorrect nu... 0.00
Swift Data.subdata fails with EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (code=EXC_I386_IN... 0.00
crc-16 cccitt problem - incorrect calculation 0.00
Converting an array of Floats to an array of UnsafePointer<DSPCo... -0.33
Swift Array of Ints - Find Index where the Difference to the Previo... +0.26
Swift return different data types from function based on case of en... 0.00
Why should these algorigthms behave any differently? 0.00
Swift to C bridging: String to UnsafePointer<Int8>? is not au... 0.00
Subset sum Swift +1.13
How to get length of a UnsafeMutablePointer<Object> written t... 0.00
Date comparison failing 0.00
Automatic bridging of C struct functions to Swift methods 0.00
Swift: Using `var` leads to a compiler warning, using `let` leads t... +0.17
iOS Swift, Enum CaseIterable extension 0.00
What is the cleanest way in swift to throw an optional error? +0.19
Swift: Lazily encapsulating chains of map, filter, flatMap +0.91