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Martin R

1784.96 (13th)
186,031 (103rd)
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Title Δ
php String to Numbers in Swift 4 0.00
Is there a way to declare protocol property as private? 0.00
How to make a Swift enum with associated values equatable -1.46
Can't parse JSON array with JSONDecoder in Swift 4 0.00
Migrating from swift 3 to swift 4 0.00
How to combine two ClosedRange in Swift? 0.00
How to sort array of integer first by value and second by number of... 0.00
Xcode 9 and Xcode 10 giving different results, even with same swift... 0.00
Accessing switch case arguments in default case in swift 0.00
Result of operator - is unused swift reduce 0.00
Swift Measurement class · angle conversion accuracy 0.00
Xcode/Swift: How to add extra argument to a bash execution 0.00
how to get the nearest Int floored from a sqrt of an Int? -3.32
Is timeIntervalBetween1970AndReferenceDate + timeIntervalSinceRefer... 0.00
How to get next case of enum(i.e. write a circulating method) in Sw... 0.00
Using a Swift completion block with a nullable String value in Obje... 0.00
Can I use reserved keywords in NS_SWIFT_NAME? 0.00
NSNumberFormatter.number for currency format not working in Device... 0.00
Swift Forin-where perform filter or skip (continue)? 0.00
How to use map function to get alternative indexes data from an arr... -0.90
Swift 4: Extension on Array<Optional<SomeType<T>>>... +1.07
Swift - remove duplicated punctuations 0.00
How to do pointer arithmetic on UnsafeMutablePointer and get String... 0.00
Swift function not working inside another function 0.00
Impossible to convert data to int using getBytes 0.00
Swift Array: subscript with IndexPath - unable to mutate 0.00
Merging two arrays of structures using iOS swift +0.34
NSView's print function in swift 0.00
Getting values out of dictionaries which have arrays as values -2.31
Create Swift class instance variable with lldb, versus Objective-C 0.00
Swift map function with if condition 0.00
How to check how many times the clock has shown a full hour between... +0.15
Swift String to bytes in a buffer 0.00
How ArraySlice in Swift work internally? +0.70
Failing in comparing returned value with string 0.00
Convert Hex code to Date (BLE) - Algorithm 0.00
Swift - Convert Array to Dictionary -1.02
How to see the Objective-C names for Swift functions 0.00
Equatable protocol in swift 0.00
Overlapping accesses to "result", but modification requir... 0.00
Enum with Raw value, Codable 0.00
Get range from unicode character symbols. Swift 0.00
Cannot invoke initializer for type 'Range<String.Index>&#... +0.67
How to get and Int from a string.index? 0.00
How to initialize optional UInt from optional Int? +0.57
How to check Swift nested enums for equality of the outer enum only? +1.10
Swift type erasure protocol with required init method 0.00
GCD swift 4 thread safety 0.00
Using Switch Statement with Struct with Nested Enum - Swift 0.00
Compare multiple variables to the same expression -1.03