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Martin R

1791.04 (11th)
186,031 (103rd)
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Title Δ
How to get and Int from a string.index? 0.00
How to initialize optional UInt from optional Int? +0.57
How to check Swift nested enums for equality of the outer enum only? +1.10
Swift type erasure protocol with required init method 0.00
GCD swift 4 thread safety 0.00
Using Switch Statement with Struct with Nested Enum - Swift 0.00
Compare multiple variables to the same expression -1.03
Comparable extension works but gives bad results 0.00
Why does the Swift Compiler throw an error on inferring the type of... 0.00
Swift - Best way to write an if else 0.00
Swift 4 split Data by other Data ([Uint8]) 0.00
Working with implicit array values inside a closure 0.00
Creating a new character from a string in Swift -1.38
Why can't I call reduce(into:) on an array literal in Xcode 9.2? 0.00
Optimal weights subset sum using backtracking 0.00
Swift Value of type 'SKNode' has no member 'particleBir... -3.00
Swift algorithm to enumerate a multilinear map, using multiples ind... +0.15
Comparing dictionaries while excluding certain keys +1.61
srand48 for Int64 in Swift 4? 0.00
Protocol extending Encodable (or Codable) does not conform to it +0.17
Run swift script inside bash script 0.00
Not getting max element of array +0.14
In Swift Array, is there a function that returns the last index bas... 0.00
Passing parameters in swift? 0.00
NSPredicate with regEx, returns wrong result 0.00
Match element from collections, different type, common element 0.00
Cannot assign through subscript: subscript is get-only 0.00
Loop works, get error when trying map-reduce +0.45
swift4: "cannot use mutating member on immutable value: 's... +0.64
How to remove new lines in a middle of a string using regex +0.16
Integer literal '4294967295' overflows when stored into ... 0.00
Triangle Sum through down with NON-PRIME numbers with Swift 4 0.00
UTF8 String length and indices in Go vs Swift +0.69
How to convert pyramid type of String to array of doubles in Swift 4 +0.75
How to cast UnsafeMutableRawPointer! to UnsafeMutablePointer<Flo... +0.13
Unable to infer complex closure return type; add explicit type to d... +0.19
Custom Range Operators - Swift 4.1 0.00
CoreData Predicate get every sentence that contains any word in array 0.00
Why doesn’t [Int] conform to Hashable in Swift 4.1? 0.00
How to filter object array on condition in nested array (to-many re... -0.84
'self' used inside 'catch' block reachable from sup... 0.00
Converting byte value correctly +0.94
How can you use Dispatch Groups to wait to call multiple functions... 0.00
Replacing Multiple Occurrences in Array - Swift 4.1 -0.15
Swift willSet/didSet assignment? 0.00
Dictionary Extension that Swaps Keys & Values - Swift 4.1 -1.09
URL bookmark data when moved to trash 0.00
Weird behavior using the Swift Optional type +0.52
Cannot convert value of type 'A<T>' to expected argum... 0.00
Switch switch vs ternary operator 0.00