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Martin R

1783.39 (13th)
519,795 (55th)
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Title Δ
NSPredicate doesn't work for long long values 0.00
How to add values of two arrays that are different sizes in length? +0.42
Type() -> Int cannot conform to BinaryInteger 0.00
Keyboard event(CGEvent)'s flags is not correct 0.00
Swift - pass escaping closure to C API callback 0.00
Converting String using specific encoding to get just one character 0.00
How to convert a NSString to AutoreleasingUnsafeMutablePointer 0.00
Unwrapping Optional types in a Generic method in Swift 5 0.00
Converting NSPoint to CGPoint using NSPointToCGPoint +0.14
How can I make an extension for extracting keys of a Dictionary in... +0.16
“Old-Style ASCII Property List” to Json in Swift 0.00
How to create NSCompoundPredicate with "empty" predicate +0.96
what kind exception is a decimal number exactness error? 0.00
why is there a memory confiicting in single thread swift? 0.00
Value of type 'Tags' has no member 'lastUsed' +0.17
Adding inline explicit type annotations to a closure with a return... 0.00
How can I build a recursive function in Swift to return a String? +0.93
When deleting a CoreData Object, how to also delete all of its rela... 0.00
Get String from Substring at a particular range +1.24
Elegant way to split an array in swift +0.83
A problem with new "count(where:)" syntax in swift 5 0.00
How to use flatMap() and reduce() on a range of a 2d array -0.94
Pass an UnsafeMutableRawPointer as a function parameter 0.00
Fast UInt to Float conversion in Swift 0.00
How do I represent a utf8 hex character in a string literal? 0.00
Write a CircularBuffer (swift-nio) to a file in Swift using OutputS... +0.97
Array cannot be inferred Error in Xcode 12 with Swift 5 0.00
RangeReplaceableCollection conformance doesn't require... actua... 0.00
Swift buffer pointer & array indexing 0.00
Looping over the characters within all elements in an array 0.00
How to remove duplicate of a specific character in the string on sw... +0.84
Swift error when creating a String from a range of a special charac... 0.00
Swift: Using Logger with optionals +1.01
Apply KeyPath in map() in simplest form 0.00
Objective C long bridged to Swift as int? 0.00
Read binary files without having them buffered in the volume block... 0.00
Swift array address is not same as &array[0] +0.17
How to convert Data to UnsafePointer<UInt8>? 0.00
Swift GCD: Why signal handler doesn't work in function 0.00
How can you create an "aligned" array of bytes and read f... +0.17
Unexpected result from CoreData compound fetch with date range 0.00
How to pass substring from Swift to C? 0.00
Filter Vs NSPredicate in coredata 0.00
How do you store an UInt64 in CoreData? 0.00
Omitting a property from hash value computation 0.00
Strange Behavior In CharacterSet.contains() Method, With High UTF8... 0.00
Calling C function with array pointer and int pointer from Swift 0.00
CRC16-CCITT Calculation 0.00
Problem assigning a Swift function to a function variable +1.07
How can I implement a custom error throwing syntax in swift? +0.88