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Martin R

1786.68 (12th)
186,031 (103rd)
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Title Δ
Extending a Protocol property to provide a default implementation i... 0.00
Modifying value char** from C callback in Swift and Avoiding EXC_BA... 0.00
How can I convert a concrete directory path to NSURL? 0.00
URLRequest equality doesn't include httpBody 0.00
generic enum with switch swift +0.62
How to replace occurences in string using groups in Swift? 0.00
Parsing UUID in NSPredicate 0.00
Difficulties to assign default value to a parameter of a function +0.40
Using Swift, how do you re-encode then decode a String like this sh... +0.64
Date from Calendar.dateComponents returning nil in Swift -2.21
How can I tell when a FileHandle has nothing left to be read? 0.00
How to compare two Strings to check if they have same Characters Sw... +0.21
How can I avoide Forced unwarapping in this? 0.00
Is Process always unresolved in iOS app or Playground? 0.00
Ambiguous call to Collection extension function 0.00
How can I use different array based on the device language? 0.00
Retrieve first dictionary value swift +0.05
swift Logical Operators orderly -3.38
populate 2d array with strings in special order -2.39
Creating an array based on the percentage difference of each values... +0.81
Variant on Sequence-Based enumeration of permutations 0.00
Algorithm to list all tuples from an array of String +0.15
How to detect the first run of an IteratorProtocol in swift? 0.00
How can I compare 3 values in an array to "not" or "... +0.15
What does @objc do under the hood? +0.48
Swift - Get ipv6 link local address? 0.00
Which Swift character count should I use with remove(first:)? +0.76
Conditional Protocol Conformance: Cannot convert value of type '... +0.16
Casting as a sksprite node +0.97
How to print an array of characters in swift without a line termina... 0.00
One object in multiple sections when sorting with NSFetchedResultsC... +0.16
Function parameter constrained by Equatable binary operator cannot... 0.00
Pass FILE* pointer from Swift to C Function 0.00
swift - corebluetooth writing 2 bytes 0.00
Swift Repeat While +0.15
Run Script on Mac prompts Error? 0.00
Swift giving me error at function with return of an enum +0.47
Incorrect DateFormatter result when using timeIntervalSince1970 -0.35
Linear regression result not as expected, following simple test 0.00
FetchedResultsController with transient attribute for comparing dates +0.14
Updating each one of the keys inside an array of tuples +0.16
Generic Array of weak references to class bound protocol in Swift 4.1 0.00
Swift String format vs Objective C +0.68
Integer literal '115000159351' overflows when stored into &... -0.83
Swift error while downcasting 'Any' +1.16
Use partition in Swift to move some predefined elements to the end... +1.46
convert content of the characteristic in swift 0.00
How to access view sublayers in swift 0.00
How to call static method of a class that has a function with the s... +0.15
How detect first index of each line inside a string with multiple l... +1.19