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Martin R

1773.23 (16th)
415,328 (49th)
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Title Δ
'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Couldn'... 0.00
Data ranged subscribe strange behavior 0.00
Using state variables as inputs to a func in SwiftUI 0.00
Best way to pass address of "char path[MAX]" to a param o... 0.00
Swift - A Decimal's hashValue is the same for X == -X, cannot b... 0.00
Getting the error "Unable to infer complex closure return type... 0.00
Avoid Equatable and Hashable boilerplate, Swift 4.2 0.00
IOS 13 Combine Framework - @Published not working ("Unknown at... 0.00
iOS Swift Compound Predicate 0.00
Swift ranking dictionary 0.00
Repeating Action Continuously In SwiftUI 0.00
Why/when are uninitialized non-optional values allowed in Swift for... 0.00
Is it possible to write compound switch case between enum associate... 0.00
Is there a way to cancel a DispatchQueue concurrentPerform operation? 0.00
Swift closures in autorelase pool accessing methods without self 0.00
Convert array of bytes to Int64 in Swift 5 0.00
get duplicate value from single array in swift 0.00
How to find all occurrences of a subset of strings within another s... 0.00
Iterating keys in NSMapTable retains the weak values forever 0.00
Iterate over functions in Swift 0.00
Convert a double to NSNumber in Swift 0.00
Protocol Extension where Self is ClassA OR ClassB 0.00
Typecasting a Double value to Int64 in Swift, number of digits is 1... 0.00
Remove elements from Array of Array Swift 0.00
Want to use cos^-1 in Swift 0.00
Swift SHA256 encryption returns different encrypted string compare... 0.00
option[] in JSONSerialization 0.00
Does Xcode build comments code into its binary? 0.00
Middle Character swift 0.00
os_log_debug unresolved identifier while importing os or os.log 0.00
Can the byte order of Double be safely reversed? 0.00
Trim String before specific character? 0.00
How to effectively represent htonl in swift´╝č 0.00
Swift 5 calling squareRoot() 0.00
Using a class' method as default parameter in Swift 0.00
CustomStringConvertible crashes enum? 0.00
Strange compilation error with @testable import 0.00
Setting file path in imported C function inside Swift Framework 0.00
What's the difference between &<< and << operat... 0.00
Comparing arabic characters with and without diacritic marks 0.00
Find special characters entered in a textfield and escape in swift 0.00
How do you compare 2 operands of type Date? to sort an array in Swi... 0.00
Swift: How to replace uppercase symbols in array 0.00
Swift - Use of unresolved identifier 'map' 0.00
Passing a Swift string to C 0.00
Create a String buffer in Swift for C to consume and free later 0.00
How to do non-blocking keyboard input on console app using Swift? 0.00
How to construct UnsafeMutablePointer<Unmanaged<CFData>>... 0.00
Reflection error converting to Swift 4 in Objective-C properties 0.00
Swift iOS -Argument labels '(float3:)' do not match any ava... 0.00