An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1746.24 (41st)
105,665 (677th)
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Title Δ
duplicating letters in string -2.32
Why do we create object variables like this? 0.00
How can I distinguish an element is in left or right sub-tree +1.18
Synchronization between multiple volatile variables 0.00
Why is 2 * x * x faster than 2 * ( x * x ) in Python 3.x, for integ... +0.71
Can `del` make Python faster? -2.51
Is list pass by value or by reference? 0.00
how is the time complexity of dict.clear() is O(1) in python? +1.65
How to compare and merge two nested dictionaries into another neste... +0.55
Find the shortest path to reach a given destination cell in 2D matr... 0.00
Replacing element in list with multiple elements -1.78
Why does this O(n^2) code execute faster than O(n)? +0.55
Inefficient code for removing duplicates from a list in Python - in... +0.43
How many different ways do we have to group them? 0.00
Algorithm to find least number of trades between people +0.88
Why do these two approaches print different results? 0.00
Finding the mode of an array Java -0.56
Python: list comprehension with boolean as return value +1.13
ConcurrentHashMap atomic operation to remove all entries except one 0.00
Peak finding algorithm in 2d-array with complexity O(n) 0.00
Organize list of tuples into distinct categories +0.81
Python regex: change one symbol into two 0.00
Add positional parameters to decorator -2.07
Why use underscore ( '_') as a variable name? 0.00
How to make joined random between two strings 0.00
Does this IF makes any sense in any situation +0.58
Python exponent operator with fractional exponents 0.00
Delete extra character from strings -0.81
Name is local and global syntax error in python 0.00
Array elements are modified wrongly by call-by-reference +1.00
Fast way to take specific indexes from one list and remove from oth... +0.83
Value changed in finally ignored in try block 0.00
Find overlapping circles in Java +0.80
Difference between Nested IF/ELSE and ELIF? -0.63
Math.random() not being recognized +0.47
Combining multiple lists of different lengths in a lists of lists 0.00
What is the value stored in new object when created? 0.00
What good is a hash code if it doesn't identify a unique object? +1.48
Attribute should not be changed after creation -0.94
Python - What is the space complexity when tuple swap is used in bu... 0.00
Can I get sum of a list values (not occurrences of index values) in... -0.67
Changing first item in nested list using list comprehension -1.54
Call a method without expecting a response 0.00
Incorrectly overriding the equals method for hashSets in Java +0.19
Making Python dictionary case insensitive by aggregating keys -1.90
python loop through number of rows at a time 0.00
How does matplotlib accept function parameters? Are they lambdas? +0.19
Manipulate Java object reference using class constructor -0.27
How can I get my program to print floats? -3.01
Implementing a Quadratic Algorithm -2.57