An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1737.20 (54th)
156,232 (350th)
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Title Δ
Generic constructor of generic class -2.99
The target type of this expression must be a functional interface:... 0.00
Java enum with generic attributes +1.86
Understanding try-with-resources enhancement in Java 9 +0.95
java.util.Function source code wildcard boundary usage understanding 0.00
Using the & and ~ operators together 0.00
Why are classes not defined symbols in Java, except when you access... +0.21
APACHE POI 4.1 : Set cell background color from hex code 0.00
Binary search returning wrong answer many times 0.00
How does the compiler know which class the lamba is implementing? +0.18
Trying to understand the role of super wildcard in Java Generics +0.21
Java: BigDecimal erroneously gives divide-by-0 error +0.20
Why does my SSS triangle solver give an entirely wrong answer? 0.00
Find average using Java DoubleStream filtering out NaNs 0.00
Bounded wildcards in reference types +1.33
Conventional For Loop vs Enhanced For Loop -0.27
Is correct to assign to a variable using && with the same v... +0.16
Parsing double values using Double vs BigDecimal in Java -0.34
Oracle compare date and hour but not minutes -2.51
Java: Transforming List<List> into a Map +0.58
Multiple type parameters in Java methods, including existing classe... +0.79
How to do arithmetic using large numbers in variables in java witho... -0.80
Is it possible to perform this operation in just one line? 0.00
Why java Integer wrapper == primitive double compiles while assigni... 0.00
Why do I get null as the String output? -0.31
Extracting field of a generic class 0.00
Why binarysearch method reduces the negative returned value by 1 -0.79
What is the preferred way to chain predicates in Java? 0.00
Why we can not pass integer literal as argument to method with byte... 0.00
Difference between Java stream().noneMatch(...) and !stream().anyMa... 0.00
How is A *= B *= A *= B evaluated? -1.11
Is there a more effective way to use streams to get the average fro... 0.00
Order of execution in a recursive call 0.00
How to write a Taylor series as a function 0.00
For loop in prime factorization calculator displays composite numbe... +1.06
What is the compiler doing step-by-step when searching for integers... 0.00
Why incrementing (`x++;`) yet undeclared field isn't allowed in... +0.77
Cannot figure out return type of Collectors.groupinBy 0.00
Why ListList<? super E> is List<? extends List<? super... 0.00
Difference between the end of file and a byte value of -1 in Java? 0.00
Why isn't this.super() possible in java? -0.97
Java - fun converting a string (4 chars) to int and back +0.19
Error putting superclass objects in lower bounded wildcard list 0.00
How to declare Java List of Object where each one implements Compar... 0.00
How many references exist in this three-dimensional array? 0.00
Abstract parent class calls derived class method -0.72
"Attempting to use incompatible return type" with class i... 0.00
Performance: Loop through ArrayList hundreds of times vs converting... 0.00
What are some best practices for a creating a constructor that take... -1.79
What is "primitive interface method" in Java? 0.00