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Andy Prowl

1810.24 (5th)
102,850 (707th)
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Title Δ
Rvalue reference behavior while returning from a function 0.00
l-value specifies const object when using std::make_pair 0.00
Vector and push_back() behavior +0.50
For_each and pointer to member function -1.25
Typedef, template and const keyword 0.00
Can std::this_thread::sleep_for() have spurious wakeups? 0.00
How does extern work in namespaces? 0.00
Vector Resizing in C++ (Scaling Down ) -0.60
C++ header-only library avoid "using namespace" pollution -0.18
c++: Function that locks mutex for other function but can itself be... +0.62
Understanding an overloaded operator[] example +0.14
C++ tokenizing madness with templates and virtual functions 0.00
Returning move-only type compiles even though copy-constructor is u... 0.00
Syntax sugar for signal slot +0.76
C++ How do I set an entire character array to blank spaces? +0.31
c++ template function multiple instantiation 0.00
std::is_constructible on type with non-public destructor -2.97
Atomic class object methods usage +0.53
std::shuffle doesn't compile with std::list +1.40
Can you extract types from template parameter function signature 0.00
Initialize const member variables +0.69
c++ template operator no match found 0.00
Replacing part of std::vector by smaller std::vector +0.15
gtest assertions in non-test code -0.98
C++: std::async and std::mutex leads to deadlock on Linux but runs... 0.00
Is it possible to do this lambda event manager in C++? -0.56
wrapping template function and <unresolved overloaded function t... +0.32
Can I specify an integer constant by its bytes? +0.68
C++ Check if Key Exists using Map within a Map 0.00
Guidelines to do constexpr operator-overloading? 0.00
If the first operand of an additive expression is convertible to bo... 0.00
Deduce all but one template argument? +0.15
Function that accepts both lvalue and rvalue arguments +0.84
C++11 Const reference VS move semantics 0.00
moving on the last line of a function +1.19
How to make a tuple based on some derived types? -0.59
Why there's no ambiguity in the expression `d.f(1);` below in main()? +1.06
template backward compatibility with gcc 4.7 +0.85
Why is comparing two parameters of a constexpr function not a const... 0.00
Will this pair be moved? 0.00
Accessing a pair after moving it into a map +0.76
passing a vector returned from a function to another function 0.00
C++ static variables of unreferenced class +0.50
Are C++ arrays copy constructible? -2.03
CRTP + variadic template + extract CRTP subclass parameters 0.00
new T(x, y, z) as a function -0.80
What type of value should it be returned by getters that return siz... +0.73
Avoiding repetition of const and non-const version of getters? 0.00
Why is my sub class considered a abstract class? 0.00
How to specialize template member functions in template class (alre... 0.00