An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1760.40 (29th)
69,187 (1,257th)
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Title Δ
How to match only the first line using regex? +0.17
Create a regex to replace the last occurrence of a character in a s... +1.03
JavaScript: Comparing characters and accented characters +1.25
regex for spliting <=lastdate+30d in to array of 5 +0.18
Alternative way to use ternary without an else +0.20
JavaScript hoisting explanation -1.17
Why is (function(){return this}).bind('abc')()==='abc&#... -0.32
Sanatize regex like input (second argument) in javascript 0.00
JavaScript loop over input creates an array of objects +0.62
How to set null context in call function? +0.30
Nested template string error in NodeJS +2.01
Better way to update value in an object array -1.10
regex replace certain character but not for particular set in javas... +0.78
Append option in select and add data attribute to option +0.32
Handling radio button events with JavaScript -0.65
Regex that does not match strings after a specific string 0.00
RegEx Reverse in real time -0.72
Check if exact substring is in a string +0.16
JQuery - Replace Underscore With Space +0.32
Remove empty lines using Regex and AltSearch 0.00
HTML string remove extra spaces with the help of javascript 0.00
Hide first n elements by jQuery -0.75
Check Odd numbers without modulo operator -0.62
Remove duplicate words in array elements +0.20
Slimmer way to transfer results from an Ajax-Request to an array 0.00
Searching for words in string -0.49
Checking a radio with no id and class through Javascript 0.00
Regex asterisk usage 0.00
How to capture and replace strings with regex in Notepad++ 0.00
How to match item in the list processed by ngFor with another list... +0.18
Replace number with number and special characters +1.53
how to remove object from array element in javascript -0.34
Double pipe in front of URL - Regex? +0.62
ReferenceError: SearchedProduct is not defined +0.56
Materialize select muliple "Check/Uncheck All" event +0.15
Get uniq nested object array with lodash +0.69
Get word starting with special characters at caret in contenteditab... +0.17
How to use JQuery InputMask with HTML pattern -1.28
How to replace "\" with "\\" from a string usin... +0.19
querySelectorAll with boundary conditions 0.00
Split a string to hold first few values only 0.00
Getting comma in the joined array with string -1.41
Get if checkbox is checked or not in jquery/ES6 +0.42
Wrap all words between specific characters 0.00
Splitting a URL path in jQuery and getting a part of it +0.18
how can I use includes() function on nested arrays? +0.60
Angular2 single ngFor for multiple arrays +0.57
Break from underscore loop with lint issues 0.00
MongoDB RegEx not working +0.15
How can I use both OR and .find() in jQuery? +0.18