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1758.43 (31st)
198,654 (238th)
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Title Δ
Different SFINAE behavior of `std::tuple_size_v` on different compi... 0.00
Using typename in C++20 requires / concept? 0.00
Can / should I use the ranges library to emulate set functions? +0.78
C++ Safely and Efficiently Casting std::weak_ordering to int -0.67
Unary fold with empty parameter pack -0.91
How to obtain constexpr `.size()` of a non-static std::array member +0.94
How to get typename aliases from an argument passed via concept? 0.00
User defined container not working with std::ranges 0.00
Why is `std::uninitialized_copy/move etc.` not constexpr? 0.00
How does one manage a self-referring cross-scope lambda? +0.78
c++ aggregate initializer g++ bug? 0.00
Is comparing addresses of dynamically allocated objects allowed in... 0.00
Is it possible to write a type trait that checks if a type is a spe... 0.00
Is any C++20 feature test for defaulted equal operator? -2.91
Ambiguous Overloaded Operator C++20 0.00
Why do std range algorithms return std::ranges::dangling for rvalue... 0.00
Is class member access through a pointer to data member considered... 0.00
How to concisely express the C++20 concept of range containing T-ty... 0.00
Month of day with sequence in one for loop or range-v3 lib -3.05
Inherited synthesized comparison operator produces warning/error: I... 0.00
How to create a new string from a range in C++20? 0.00
Why does std::reverse used in consteval function does compile thoug... 0.00
C++20-ranges: reuse of a filter view 0.00
Writing a C++20 range to standard output 0.00
Non-overloaded function yields unresolved overloaded error when use... 0.00
Using c++ 20 Concept to check if a function returns a const value +0.18
C++20 behaviour breaking existing code with equality operator? 0.00
C++ function template overload: empty braces vs explicit int 0.00
c++20 concept check for function being declared const +2.27
Can I restrict a template operator only for types that do not have... -0.29
C++ - std::initializer_list vs std::span +1.00
Checking for three-way-comparison operator support at compile time 0.00
generate == operator that uses non-defaulted <=> -0.32
How to use the range version of `transform()` with two ranges? -0.08
Inconsistent behavior between gcc and clang when c++20 concepts are... 0.00
How to understand the definition of "manifestly constant-evalu... 0.00
C++20 | std::is_constant_evaluated() and const variables +1.47
C++ how to print words with views::split? 0.00
Why is there an `equivalent` value for std::strong_ordering? 0.00
Three-way comparison operator with inconsistent ordering deduction +1.00
Why can't I use istream_view and std::accumulate to sum up my i... +0.71
Empty braces magic in initializer lists -3.12
How to project elements nestedly in c++20 constrained algorithms? 0.00
Are left out fields by C++ 20 designated initialization guaranteed... +0.18
Can the reading of N input values be made more elegant with C++20? 0.00
Dependent template names and C++20 ADL 0.00
How to solve requires clause is incompatible 0.00
std::source_location as non type template parameter 0.00
What is the purpose of the `iterator-sentinel-pair` concept in [ran... 0.00
How can I call fmt::literals::operator""_format on a stri... +0.19