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1739.14 (46th)
60,625 (703rd)
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Title Δ
Using enum instead of struct for tag dispatching in C++ 0.00
what is the correct way to test if a type is an allocator? 0.00
Interaction of function-local enum declaration and ADL 0.00
How to detect availability of C++17's extended memory managemen... 0.00
Is there a three way comparison for stl containers in c++17 0.00
Clang typedef (and alias) of same type redefinition causes unexpect... 0.00
Generating function signatures for rvalue/lvalue refs with metaprog... +0.82
Placing a namespace-scope file-local (.cpp) constant in an anonymou... +0.91
C++: Hacky parameter pattern with variadic arguments 0.00
Error during decomposition with Eigen with dynamic matrices 0.00
It seems to me that there are two candidate functions for the call... 0.00
Variadic Variable Template specialization with SFINAE 0.00
Example for dependent name lookup in case when noexcept-specificati... 0.00
std::bind with variadic template and auto return type 0.00
Understanding C++ choice of conversion operator +0.62
Injected class name as type +0.87
Deducing the return type of an inline static member function in cla... +0.28
C++ Singleton Instance disable re-call 0.00
Can I implicitly create a trivially copiable type 0.00
Overloaded functions with variadic template arguments -1.04
Template dependent false +0.47
Return std::tuple and move semantics / copy elision 0.00
Is it well-defined to modify an unordered_set inside a foreach loop... +1.03
structured bindings with std::minmax and rvalues -1.95
Evaluating noexcept specifier before template type deduction 0.00
Wrapping a callable that may be void return +0.76
Class with all automatically-generated constructors/operators delet... +1.21
Range-based for loop on a temporary range -1.63
Compiler reports 'deleted' operator = , but it is there +0.94
pack fold expression (c++17 extension) available when building with... +0.97
The safe and standard-compliant way of accessing array of integral... +1.19
Why does aliasing int& allow for the creation of the non-functi... +0.21
How to take QByteArray from std::optional<QByteArray> and lea... -0.26
Should you be able move from std::optional<T> where T has non... 0.00
Exception in aggregate initialization +0.73
Should deduction guide argument initialization considered by class... 0.00
Type of a value captured in a lambda from a reference type, not usi... -0.57
Iterating a vector to second to last element with index vs iterator +0.78
How to use BOOST_MPL_ASSERT 0.00
range-based for loop for private map values -0.88
Inherited constructor, compiles in clang++3.9, fails in g++ 7 0.00
Practical meaning of strong_ordering and weak_ordering 0.00
What are the rules for struct auto defined constructors in c++ 17? 0.00
Template friend function of template class 0.00
decltype(auto) works with SFINAE in some cases? 0.00
Why can't boost::hana::overload_t be a member of a class 0.00
Conversion operator vs deleted constructor +0.22
Follow-up: What exactly is a variable in C++14/C++17? 0.00
Are explicit template instantiation declarations required in the he... 0.00
Converting constructor with multiple arguments +1.37