An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Travis Brown

1755.09 (36th)
121,282 (535th)
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Title Δ
Type erasure in a nested list with a given context bound 0.00
Option[io.databaker.env.EnvValue], but type F is invariant in type -1.31
How to use MonadError correctly? 0.00
Writing elements to a file as they are dequeued from the queue : Sc... 0.00
Mere presence of implicit conversion makes the program compile desp... 0.00
Use foldLeft to replace occurrences of character in String +0.92
How to Convert Seq to Json using Circe inside a function - keep get... +0.14
how to write circe decoder/encoder for abstract class 0.00
Is there a way to convert Hlist to an appropriate case class in a g... 0.00
parSequence and parTraverse in tagless final 0.00
How to derive a decoder semiautomatically for a list of some type w... 0.00
When decoding a message with Circe, is it possible to extract the i... 0.00
Can monad with broken associativity law yield incorrect result in f... 0.00
Handling PATCH requests with Akka HTTP and circe for nullable fields +0.18
How to write in Scala shortly "filter first/last n elements sa... 0.00
Generic entity records scala - introduce id field with shapeless 0.00
Performing side effects using scala cats effect 0.00
Why is zipped faster than zip in Scala? +0.86
When using shapeless.Generic, how to avoid the error 'super con... 0.00
Transform a HList of Eithers to an Either of a HList +0.19
How to convert sealed trait case objects to string using circe 0.00
How to reason about stack safety in Scala Cats / fs2? 0.00
When exactly I have to use State Monad or .copy? 0.00
Retrieving null values from json using circe-optics 0.00
Shapless coproduct sub-typing 0.00
How to resolve recursive decoding in Circe when parsing Json? 0.00
Flattening nested JSON objects with Circe 0.00
Transforming JSON with Circe 0.00
How to decode a JSON null into an empty collection +0.69
Declare a function that doesn't return in Scala -0.29
Decoding JSON values in circe where the key is not known at compile... 0.00
Dynamically populate some attributes for a set of case classes 0.00
How to reference a function that takes varargs 0.00
Using race from cats-effect prevents app from exiting 0.00
How can I apply an HList of arbitrary functions to an arbitrary val... 0.00
How to map over Hlist of objects that extend common trait? 0.00
How to sum a Set[ValidatedNel[String, Double]]? 0.00
could not find implicit value for parameter encoder: io.circe.Encod... +0.91
Decreasing the compilation time when using shapeless HList 0.00
How to parse nested Json Arrays with Circe Optics 0.00
Why it does not decode to ADT type? +0.90
How to create Async[Future] from Async[IO] 0.00
How to check against an empty JSON 0.00
How do I get circe to have an either/or output scenario for the gen... 0.00
Cannot created object walking though JSON string using Circe JSON p... 0.00
Why does class name of a type in a package object contain "pac... 0.00
How to parse Json in scala 0.00
Decode Case class with nested Coproduct by discriminator 0.00
Can't get pureconfig to deserialize nested case classes 0.00
Circe: force an optional field to `null` +0.18