An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1725.26 (74th)
35,577 (3,224th)
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Title Δ
Process a file containing a collection of JSON strings 0.00
Highlight the text that Matches the Regex 0.00
Treat Two Columns as One 0.00
Passing object between programs running under different perl versions 0.00
Perl add content to JSON data after processing 0.00
IO::Select and adding a tag to the handle 0.00
Call perl function from another perl script with different Active p... +1.40
How does IPC::System::Simple capturex work? +1.51
Efficient caching solution for strings extracted from large number... +0.21
Read one csv file and write to another csv file after doing some fo... +1.16
Preserving Aspect Ratio in Image::Magick's Thumbnail function 0.00
Perl function for slicing string with start, end and step +0.96
Can I use Text::CSV_XS to parse a csv-format string without writing... -0.24
How to get the hierarchy structure of an element using XML::LibXML... 0.00
How to get a user-configurable buffer for printing? +1.38
Perl - Join Elements of array till a specified length -0.03
How can I know if diamond operator moved to the next file? +1.40
Using perl `my` within actual function arguments +1.58
Is there any way to declare a function as a variable in perl? +1.17
Strange interaction between print and the ternary conditional opera... +1.18
How do I extract a certain amount of lines after a pattern in perl? +0.71
perl open() always returns the PID of the sh instead of the underly... 0.00
How to search and modify floating values that follow a string in a... +0.40
STDOUT and STDERR out of order -1.38
Why do @+ and @{^CAPTURE} differ in length? +1.39
How can I keep my environment variables between two calls to open? +0.75
Sort comma-delimited file by three columns with custom criteria in... 0.00
perl strftime localtime minus 12 hours +1.13
Perl Parsing Without Package +0.41
grep for a specific file with specific string in all sub-directorie... -1.55
Use Bash Perl to fetch substring off of command output +1.25
Perl search and replace until positive lookahead over several lines... +1.32
parse URL params in Perl 0.00
Matching consecutive characters from a string using regex +1.45
Why doesn't this deref of a reference work as a one-liner? +0.88
How would I match variable multiline perl regex with distinct rules +0.19
I don't know why opendir argument is illegal +0.15
How to create globally available functions in Perl? +0.07
Does opening a pipeline in Perl involve a shell? 0.00
How can I set a default file handle in a perl subroutine signature? +1.07
Split file by equal parts based on count -0.00
Using Regex to match pattern and store into array +0.72
Perl Split Long Substitution Regex Over Multiple Lines +1.16
perl substitute string characters using a hash and tr -0.76
auto-generating substitution in perl 0.00
Perl interface with Aspell +0.25
Use bigint and float perl +1.44
sort hash of array by value 0.00
Perl glob, qq(), and brackets [] 0.00
Replace many patterns in many files efficiently in Perl 0.00