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1704.78 (124th)
35,577 (3,224th)
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Title Δ
Matching consecutive characters from a string using regex 0.00
Why doesn't this deref of a reference work as a one-liner? 0.00
How would I match variable multiline perl regex with distinct rules 0.00
I don't know why opendir argument is illegal 0.00
How to create globally available functions in Perl? 0.00
Does opening a pipeline in Perl involve a shell? 0.00
How can I set a default file handle in a perl subroutine signature? 0.00
Split file by equal parts based on count 0.00
Using Regex to match pattern and store into array 0.00
Perl Split Long Substitution Regex Over Multiple Lines 0.00
perl substitute string characters using a hash and tr 0.00
auto-generating substitution in perl 0.00
Perl interface with Aspell 0.00
Use bigint and float perl 0.00
sort hash of array by value 0.00
Perl glob, qq(), and brackets [] 0.00
Replace many patterns in many files efficiently in Perl 0.00
Perl: Is it possible to undo a SIG{INT} catch? 0.00
Perl: `die` did not work upon opening a nonexistent gz file using g... 0.00
Perl match with regex a number and as many following characters as... 0.00
Sort multidimensional hash by values and print the highest 0.00
Sort nested hash with multiple conditions 0.00
Opening a directory and searching for a pattern in files 0.00
find nearest key match with input value greater or equal to key and... 0.00
Perl Regex regular expression to split // 0.00
How to provide more context for die-handler? 0.00
Does Perl's Glob have a limitation? 0.00
Generate word from list of characters 0.00
Eliminate the UserName from the "use" command 0.00
Generate all combinations from list of characters 0.00
Grep and Replace a string in a particular pattern 0.00
Is there a way to re-use text in perlpod documentation? 0.00
$ENV{$variable} in perl 0.00
How to use Regular expression in perl if both regular expression an... 0.00
How do I set a node's attribute with Mojo::DOM? 0.00
skipping first x and last y lines of file +0.24
How to turn tabs into blockquotes using perl regex +0.76
Loading modules upon config variables on a Perl Catalyst application 0.00
Perl code to return the source folder does not work 0.00
How to get random number in forked processes? 0.00
Multiline perl regex replace on large file without slurp +1.21
sed/awk/perl remove the first two lines of a 3 line pattern +0.72
Search and replace items within an ini file, using python2.7, perl,... +0.24
Parsing AIDE file to count lines between patterns 0.00
Finding repeating tagged substrings +0.78
Substitute special character into blank space 0.00
loop through global substitution and execute code in loop +0.64
Find file in Perl — skip permission denied 0.00
How to troubleshoot very slow perl script that runs faster on one s... 0.00
Why does "try" not cause an undefined subroutine error? 0.00