An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1752.46 (38th)
35,577 (3,227th)
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Title Δ
Most efficient way to create a writable anonymous scalar/string? 0.00
Match everything between double quotes, multiple capture groups 0.00
How to print only the capture groups of all matches in perl? -1.35
PERL CLOSING the file after slurping and "perl -0777"s tr... -2.51
Perl: re-init memory and keep old allocation +0.56
Anyway to tell if perl script is run via do? 0.00
reformat list string with spaces +0.79
Change Pascal case in a string to snake case +0.83
Add "m" modifier to qr pattern passed as parameter +0.30
Perl: Regex with Variables inside? 0.00
How to stop at the next specific character in regex +0.17
How to count the odd number of occurrences in Perl? +0.65
Getting Variable "@xml_files" will not stay shared at ...... +0.40
How to catch ctrl+c and close file descriptor in Perl +0.18
How to parse a text file to csv file using Perl 0.00
Perl converting formatting date to y-m-d H:M +0.33
Perl structure flow to C 0.00
Extract preceding and trailing characters to a matched string from... +0.81
Is it possible to modify word character class or \b boundary to exc... +1.60
how to remove dupliace lines in authorized_keys files on remote mac... +0.94
Convert XML like format to CSV in Perl +1.01
Parse out log file sections by thread +1.63
Perl “do { … } if …” as expression +1.33
defaulting unmatched backrefrences in perl or sed +0.88
Is there a way to do matching pattern using array in perl? 0.00
Perl: index() won't work with variable like $array[$i] 0.00
Using chop in grep expression +1.66
regex only match content outside all kinds of brackets +0.73
Get a record based on Updated time and Severity +0.42
Python use regex match object in if statement and then access captu... 0.00
can a variable be defined in perl whose value cannot be changed in... +1.10
How to match strings with regex pattern like [] in perl +0.42
Regex to find inconsecutive duplicate words (i.e. occurs more than... -0.64
Internal-use-only class in a deeply nested Perl module - avoiding a... -0.36
Perl inheritance - Subroutine override +1.08
Perl: Use backreferences in a replacement string variable -2.12
Exclude elements of a list that are in another array -0.65
How can I test subs in a perl programs with Test::More without losi... 0.00
regex match does not produce the output in perl +0.82
retrieve patterns that exactly match all regex in Perl +0.82
Issue with looping through columns in perl +0.70
Perl split on spaces selectively +1.11
How to have sub use $_ when parameter omitted? +1.59
Regex not matching if order of items in file changes 0.00
Perl Globbing a Variable stops on first match 0.00
Inserting a potentially missing line with perl 0.00
Regex, match year listed as range +0.93
Why do I get the first capture group only? +0.52
truncate string in perl into substring with trailing elipses -0.19
String matching in Perl for multiple patterns +1.63