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1737.24 (56th)
35,577 (3,224th)
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Title Δ
can a variable be defined in perl whose value cannot be changed in... 0.00
How to match strings with regex pattern like [] in perl 0.00
Regex to find a word which occurs more than once in a string 0.00
Internal-use-only class in a deeply nested Perl module - avoiding a... 0.00
Perl inheritance - Subroutine override 0.00
Perl: Use backreferences in a replacement string variable 0.00
Exclude elements of a list that are in another array 0.00
How can I test subs in a perl programs with Test::More without losi... 0.00
regex match does not produce the output in perl 0.00
retrieve patterns that exactly match all regex in Perl 0.00
Issue with looping through columns in perl 0.00
Perl split on spaces selectively 0.00
How to have sub use $_ when parameter omitted? 0.00
Regex not matching if order of items in file changes 0.00
Perl Globbing a Variable stops on first match 0.00
Inserting a potentially missing line with perl 0.00
Regex, match year listed as range +0.93
Why do I get the first capture group only? +0.52
truncate string in perl into substring with trailing elipses -0.19
String matching in Perl for multiple patterns +1.63
How to search a file for the last block of consecutive lines that c... +0.58
How can store and use variable and subroutine names in a Perl hash? 0.00
Parsing Symphony Chat with Perl +0.19
Perl Automating Hash Population and Key Name +0.80
How to create static variable in perl so that I can access in from... +1.16
How to read values assigned inside a script, in a program that runs... 0.00
How to pass hash contents of a forked subroutine back to main progr... +0.22
How can I add variables into my Perl one-liner? +0.96
Running perl-script kpcli via cron failed -0.29
Passing arguments containing spaces from one script to another in P... 0.00
How do you delete or change the display on the last print on perl? -2.26
How to substitute and replace number with letter in specific column +0.33
Checking if a file exists in the same directory with dynamic name b... +0.47
Delete file if it is owned by specific user +0.76
Extracting info from file rows into columns using whatever it works... +0.94
Communicate between 2 processes using named pipes in perl? 0.00
Efficient way to loop through 2D hash in perl 0.00
Find thousands of files efficiently with exact match from a directo... +0.37
Add new class to an element using XML::LibXML 0.00
Perl query for shortest algorithm +0.59
Perl sort corrupts bsd_glob results -0.26
Memory leak using WWW::Mechanize 0.00
How to cut the first Sunday to Saturday of each month in a year? -0.01
How to use Shell Parameter Expansion in Perl? +0.40
Find and Increment a Number in an XML File +0.93
Regular expression for highlighting words +1.77
is there a way to compile the return value of some function into a... +0.10
Process a file containing a collection of JSON strings +0.84
Highlight the text that Matches the Regex -0.01
Treat Two Columns as One +0.49