An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1795.40 (11th)
150,803 (377th)
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Title Δ
pthread_created followed by pthread_join valgrind possible loss c 0.00
How to close netcat connection after receive a server response? 0.00
System performs ping on domain/server instead of lokal 0.00
How do I test that the code is actually starting a go routine? 0.00
In linux how to run piece of code without getting preempted in user... 0.00
epoll_wait() consume too much CPU 0.00
How do I read all the arguments passed to a function that takes a v... 0.00
Weird output when i create a simple tree of process 0.00
how to find that the client is reading from tcp buffer in go 0.00
golang flag hidden options from print defaults 0.00
Capture output of inotifywait in bash 0.00
How to compare Map for common keys and print the output? +0.59
I want to validate timezone at the backend which is coming from the... +0.17
C - getting WIFEXITED to return false for debuging purposes 0.00
tcpdump output GET to file 0.00
Sending a variable changed by a signal to a process created by exec... 0.00
cannot execute execl after fork +0.15
C++ constructors segmentation fault (core dumped) +0.79
Pass object to struct in other package -0.85
How to instantiate value of unknown type in Go? +0.18
clang++ warning: "warning: unknown warning option '-Wno-ma... 0.00
http NewRequest get unexpected characters 0.00
Send data as struct in UDP sendto +0.16
Where is g struct define in golang source code? 0.00
What is the second `r2` return value in Go's Syscall() for? 0.00
IPv6 packet header manipulation 0.00
How do I set errno from Go -0.85
why does snprintf() write extra characters? +0.15
Python - Server listening from two UDP sockets 0.00
Convert interface{} to map in Golang -1.94
C - execlp function call - can I have the argv point to more argument 0.00
Is it possible to start a TCP socket connection without a handshake? 0.00
Sending data immediately after accept. Data loss possibility 0.00
Where is udp header added to data in the kernel code 0.00
Function Not Executing Properly +0.16
When is a TCP connection considered idle? 0.00
Goroutine: time.Sleep or time.After 0.00
How to get chan value from an interface and use it in reflect.Selec... 0.00
Understanding lexical scoping in golang 0.00
How to set "don't fragment" flag bit for TCP packet i... 0.00
Golang: How can I write a map which is mixed with string and array? 0.00
RPC in Go has some kind of cache? 0.00
Storing/accessing nested data in Go - use structs? 0.00
How to get yesterday date in golang 0.00
golang sort slice ascending or descending 0.00
Convert one pointer to another type in golang +0.15
C How to stop file from being overwritten 0.00
os.Process.Wait() after os.FindProcess(pid) works on windows not on... 0.00
Golang simultaneous read/write to the file without explicit file lock 0.00
Print all properties of struct even through that struct has a defau... 0.00