An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Niklas B.

1741.00 (51st)
72,476 (1,169th)
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Title Δ
kth largest element in all possible products of two arrays +0.43
Is Content Security Policy forward compatible? +0.20
Dijkstra's Algo Implementation using STL +0.14
Time complexity to find 7th smallest element in a min heap? -1.04
Finding the lowest amount of edges in all minimum cuts in flow netw... 0.00
Why One Liner Result Is Different +0.42
Is factorial(floor(log(n))) is Big O(n^c) for some constant c? 0.00
Why does include('php://input') not work? 0.00
How do I compress a long string with few different characters into... 0.00
What is an efficient algorithm to find all the factors of an integer? -1.33
Finding minimum distance in graph for path passing minimum three no... 0.00
Longest common sub-sequence with a certain property? 0.00
Graph Theory - globally minimal cut and its implications 0.00
Find vertex at distance d +0.42
fast search for integer list in much larger set of longer integer l... -1.07
How to logically interpret any variation of binary search 0.00
How can I find such string in linear time using the suffix tree? 0.00
Optimize performance for calculation of euclidean distance between... +0.20
Finding GCD of a set of numbers? -0.30
The best way to compare two arrays when there are infinite CPUs? +0.52
Combinatoric with different limits 0.00
Number of ways to divide a number -1.42
Algorithm to get shortest path from node to itself -- Adjacency Mat... -1.29
All pairs shortest path in a connected graph with N nodes and N-1 e... 0.00
Big O if 2^n vs. 4^n -3.19
Add all the values between 100 and 4000000 inclusively that are div... +0.67
Finding common sub square in given rectangles 0.00
Find the minimum number of MS Paint operations to fill a rectangle 0.00
Calculate value at maximum distance from set of values -0.05
Finding inverse operation to George Marsaglia's XorShift RNG +1.07
How to find the kth smallest element of a list without sorting the... +1.11
Why do we say that NP complete problems are NP? 0.00
Does there exist an algorithm that can solve Vim Golf problems 0.00
How to solve 5 * 5 Cube in efficient easy way 0.00
Summation of a number made up of 4 5 6 +0.32
Finding remainder mod involving exponent and division involving hug... -2.40
Maximum subarray sum modulo M -1.76
\r\n translated to \r\r\n in Haskell 0.00
Common subsequence of given length +0.39
ClEnqueueCopyBuffer with offset 1 +0.19
Compute DP[n][m] faster +0.63
JS split advanced (i think) +0.48
Convert a given string into a sorted string by using minimum operat... 0.00
How to find the maximum sum of a subsequence of maximum length +0.19
Complex dynamic programming, how to define overlapping subproblems 0.00
Checking whether a number is in Fibonacci Sequence? +0.31
Is there way to represent static data in Haskell? Or is there any o... -0.80
Is there a pseudo-hash function that generates words from an input? 0.00
Why is counting sort not used for large inputs? +0.19
Master theorem cases 0.00